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T IS FOR TROUBLE. ‘The Rascal’ Restomod Honda CB360T from Ironwood Motorcycles

Posted on September 18, 2017 by Andrew in Scrambler, Tracker. 25 comments

As the old cliché goes, “Restraint is the better part of beauty”. I prefer to think of it like this; there’s nothing more unattractive than someone who’s trying too hard. Be it popularity, personal appearance or 2-for-1 cocktails, the end result is usually always a disaster. Understanding this implicitly, Ironwood’s Arjan Van Den Boom (how cool is that name?) chose a subtle yet beautiful plan of attack when it came time to build this cool little ‘75 Honda CB360 tracker.

Arjan says that although he found it online, the bike was located only a few miles from the shop. It’s a 1975 Honda CB360T; a.k.a. ‘the one with the disc brakes’. Being light and compact, they decided to make a hybrid scrambler/tracker bike. So it’s a small bike that’ll go anywhere and get you into a whole bunch of trouble? Naturally, Arjan called it ‘The Rascal’.

“The inspiration was to make a clean, simple, vintage and fun bike that would be suitable for both guys and girls”, Arjan says. “Something that would make it easy and cool to explore the urban streets, or even to take off-road into the dirt”.

“It’s a restomod so apart from the usual restoration, we completely redid the engine and the bike was upgraded with some modern LED lightning. Due to the bike’s relatively low power, it needed to both look and be light”.

As is so often the case, the mods were started with a welded tail hoop tweak to the frame. Once complete, a two-up bratstyle seat was added, along with some short (and high) fenders, new stainless brake lines, Heidenau knobby tires and some new Renthal handlebars.

“Then we lowered the front and installed some short Megaton mufflers. The paint we left pretty much untouched; it was still in pretty good condition after all those years. Yes, it had some rust and patina but overall it was in great shape. I really like the way the bike looks semi-new yet semi-old“.

Mechanically, Arjan says that it was an easy, quick project; almost a walk in the park. So without any issues there, what was most challenging for him? “The hardest part was to get the right proportions and lines”, he recalls.

While some of you may note that those lines seem to be made more awkward by the elongated seat, Arjan says it’s entirely fit for purpose. “Yes, it might be just a little too long, but now it also holds the bum of a girlfriend on the back while taking you comfortably over the Amsterdam canals”. Sounds like a pretty good day to us.

“I probably like the overall look of the bike the most; it’s a real cool little vintage machine. We wanted an old-school bike with a little ‘dandy’ mixed in. I think we got it. It basically handles and goes like a moped, looks great and is also sounds great with the megatons”.

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  • Nice to see that my buddy Arjan isn’t afraid to also work on these kind of projects! Like the idea of a tracker/scrambler hybrid for this little CB twin. Cool machine for the Dutch winters! 😉

    • Every time I post one of these, I always think to myself ‘that’d be so great to just bomb around Sydney on’. One day, I’ll do something about it…

  • martin hodgson

    Ah the simple things!!! I just want to get on this and fang around. Always loved the 360 tank, clever to mount the front guard high, beautiful seat!

    If you were going to buy a custom as your first bike something like this would be the nutz! Looks cool, easy and fun to work on, you actually learn about what makes a motorcycle tick, ten times the street cred of a modern learner machine and just a hoot to ride around on! Bread and butter at its best!

  • Dave Coetzee

    About those lines … See how nicely parallel the rear shocks are to the centre upright of the frame. Same goes for the exhaust headers vs the front of the frame. Not many builders can “do” high mudguards but Arjan has nailed these. I also think the longer seat is worth the space for the company it will provide.
    Must include a pic of my latest – just to be able to identify with this li’l rascal.

  • the watcher

    I was all ready to hate this (let’s be honest; the cb360 is a pretty terrible machine) but this little bike is one of the finest examples of a silk purse from a sows’ ear I’ve seen. Bloody well done.

    • Terrible? Why? It’s not he most powerful of bikes, but I’ve always liked them. Light. Simple. Well built…

      • the watcher

        Light? You sure? Not the most powerful? Asthmatic slug! Looker? Hell no. Reliable? Nope. Must I go on?

        • 160kgs is light! And I personally thinks it looks great right out of the box. Dump the mirrors and the brake light scaffolding and you’ve got one very nice stocker!

          • the watcher

            Monsieur, we have an impasse! (Add silly accent of choice).

          • You’re pushing poop uphill suggesting any Honda in living memory is unreliable. Boring, yes. But unreliable?

          • the watcher


        • Jonesy

          My buddy had one of these. Because our cars had died( unreliable and rusted out hulks) we road this back from the bars that were across state lines. Two up it would go
          60 mph. All day long.
          A few years later — there was the earlier 350 version with high pipes— in blue. Need I say more?
          That bike was parked in front of the History building on campus. Every day…….. summer/ winter…..knobbies. Four years of grad school I’d look at that bike…….. on the bus or on a bicycle…… my 250 Elsinore had been stolen……. you know the two stroke that I had for 5 years and 25k…… that all o ever did was change plugs and pull the head to scrape carbon.
          Yeah those Hondas are unreliable…….. as a Norton owner …. tell me about it.

          • the watcher

            Hmmmm. Hondas are more reliable than Nortons. No argument there.

  • guvnor67

    Absolutely beautiful! But for some reason I don’t like the headlight. I think it’s the height it’s sat at and the modernity of it. Apart from that, it’s such a nice bike.

    • I like it. Unexpected and it adds a nice amount of contrast.

      • guvnor67

        Strangely, I like it from behind (ooo-er), and side on, but not from the front. Mmmm

  • Steve from Perth

    Cool bike, amazing that the original paint still looks that good.

  • Maxime01

    How did you manage to mount that front mudguard? Tried to find a place on mine but resorted to keep it at its original place to also keep the ”brace” so the original fork didn’t feel like overcooked spaghetti noodles…

  • Kyle Giunta

    Is that a custom front fender or did you purchase it? I like the high fender look on these and want to try it out.