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ICE QUEEN. ER Motorcycle’s ‘Logan’ BMW R100R Racer

Posted on October 13, 2017 by Andrew in Racer, Tracker. 15 comments

Written by Marlon Slack

A loose collection of keen motorcycle fabricators, Slovenia’s ER Motorcycles have been producing exceptionally clean, modern takes on classic bikes since the workshop was established in 2009. Their latest bike – a 1993 BMW R100 dubbed ‘Logan’ – was commissioned for Jan Mursak, a professional hockey player known for his accuracy with a puck, sportsmanship, and powerful right hook.

And it’s no surprise ER have managed to pick up a client such as Jan, with ER Motorcycles flying the flag for exceptional custom motorcycles in Slovenia for the last few years. They specialise in ultra-clean takes on traditional BMW airheads with hospital-grade levels of build quality, a trend they’ve continued here. But builds like these don’t just happen by coincidence. There’s a fair bit of planning involved.

In ER’s case the team work on digital renders before turning any wrenches, ensuring they have a strong idea of the bike they want to produce before they begin. And in this case, the team knew exactly they wanted to make, as head of the workshop, Blaž Šuštaršic, explains.

‘Our aim was to achieve a completely different outer appearance and look of a scrambler motorcycle,’ he says. To that end the first thing to change was the fuel tank. ‘We opted for a Yamaha XJR1200 tank, with a few adjustments on the rear. It gives the bike some extra width and length when looking at it from above and the side’.

Underneath that the subframe was modified, with three integrated LED’s on the rear and new aluminum side panels. But to separate the bike from the hordes of existing BMW scramblers grumbling around the ER wanted something different for the front end. ‘I wanted to avoid the classic round headlight shapes of other bikes – I wanted something more modern,’ Blaž explains. ‘The Ducati XDiavel headlight seemed like the perfect choice’.

The headlight bracket was adjusted to allow the wiring to sit neatly hidden away, no longer having the big headlight to hide a mess of tangled wires – which was trimmed down considerably using Motogadget components, including their Motoscope Pro and M-unit. Rounding out the front end is a serious pair of upside down forks, taken from a Ducati 848 sports bike. Stopping power is just as impressive, coming from twin 320mm discs grabbed by twin radial Brembo calipers.

Engine wise the air-cooled BMW R100 boxer twin, with it’s well-earned reputation for unstoppable reliability, was left largely stock with a freshen up provided by parts from Motoren Israel. The Bing carburetors were cleaned and tweaked for the new Scorpion exhaust system – which Blaž states is the perfect sound for the bike. ‘It’s exquisite,’ he says, ‘It’s too loud to go unnoticed, but it’s still within the allowed limits.’

Tying it all together is a paint job by Matej, running the number 39 on both panels – Jan’s playing number. The Logan BMW that’s exceptionally clean and tidy, well thought out and different enough to draw attention from many other custom airheads on the market. Jan’s going to be a very happy man. And after seeing videos of what he does on the rink when he’s unhappy, that can only be a good thing.

ER Motorcycles – Facebook – Instagram | Photos by Jernej Suligoj ]

  • Michael Kork.

    Yet another exceptional BMW from ER. Rearsets to make it more Scrambler-ly I guess. Too bad the 3D rendered background totally ruins the photos..

    • AB

      Background is cool. And unobtrusive – it’s pale allowing the bike to be clearly visible. Unlike the usual dark on dark.

    • I don’t mind the rendered backgrounds, but what I noticed was that the reflection of the bike are at weird angles, which kind of weirds me out.

  • James K

    I would do things considered immoral to flightless poultry for a chance to chuck a leg over this beauty. My knees would protest the rearsets but my grin would beat them into submission. This bike is a study in detail and highly-considered design. Love it.

  • guvnor67

    Brilliant! The XJR tank suits the Beemer like the proverbial glove, and even the brown seat looks right. Great colour choice and neat as a pin. A really good job, that looks right from every angle.

    • I was lucky enough to see it (and sit on it) at Wildays in Italy and it was just as impressive in the flesh. Easily their favourite bike of mine.

      • guvnor67

        Lucky man, I’m in the wrong job! Yer, it’s a beauty.

  • the watcher

    Was just thinking how horrible this is when I realised I love it. Probably explains my marriage, too.

  • Marlon

    I’m doubly thankful for this build as it led me down a 2AM youtube hole of ice hockey fights. Can anyone explain the rules of when you can and can’t start belting someone during a game?

  • martin hodgson

    Another crazy good build from ER, Slovenia punches well above its weight in the custom motorcycle world. So many pieces I love about the bike, not to mention just the sheer quality of the finished product. But for me the stand out is the mix of old and new. Headlight, tank, forks etc all give it an ultra modern feel and yet smack in the middle you have the classic aircooled BMW lump… it just works so well! Even down to the very modern exhaust on the old engine, it should work, but it does!!! Wish I had Ice Hockey player money…. then again I don’t fancy being king hit from behind and landing on solid ice, so he earned this ride!!!

  • Steve Bekkers

    Beautiful lines, looks great from every angle. only detail to irk me is the throttle cable and front brake lines, they are sort of hanging in the breeze. I would have run them more along the bars. but hey only it’s a small detail.