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BIG BANG THEORY. Lucky Cat’s ‘Bombinette’ BMW Sprint Racer

Posted on October 19, 2017 by Andrew in Classic, Racer. 18 comments

The European ‘Sultans of Sprint’ race series is open to anyone with an air-cooled European twin and a penchant for insanity. Rather than just awarding points for running the quickest time down the short-range drag strip, extra marks are given for bike presentation, hair-raising moments on the track and how much the support crew drinks the night before the race meet. Having another crack at the title is France’s Lucky Cat Garage with their incredible Boxer-powered custom dubbed ‘The Bombinette’.

About now is when we’d mention what year the Bombinette is, but with this particular build it’s damn hard to do. It’s powered by a cacophony of parts from across the BMW range, assembled by the wunderkinds from Edelweiss Motorsport in Germany. R100GS heads are mounted to a R100RS crankcase with lightened and modified pistons, valves, rocker arms, pushrods, cams and crankshaft… you name it and it’s been messed with.

But best of all it runs a nitrous oxide ‘wet’ injection system. It gives the Bombinette an extra 30 horsepower for a few terrifying seconds as it hurtles down the strip, watched by scores of boozed up Frenchmen. The bike’s helped along by Dellorto carburettors and a 2-2 Hattech stainless steel exhaust – all in all, this ol’ beemer puts out 140 horses.

The mish-mash of components that make up the engine continues with the frame. It’s a modified BMW /2 model from the 1950’s that uses a shortened /5 set of forks rescued from a 1970’s model. All the tabs and brackets have been ground down in an effort to shed weight, and plenty of material has been taken from the hubs and brake assemblies. All told, the Bombinette steps into its corner at around 170 kilograms (375lbs).

As great as the engine work is, it’s the aesthetics that really kick this bike into the next gear. The streamliner comes via Airtech and the peanut gas tank was purchased from Lowbrow customs. This combination puts the bike in some weird, wonderful territory between drag bike, bobber and 50’s British sprint racer.

Now that’s a paint job

But it’s the paint that truly sets the Bombinette apart. Hell, there’s an entire video about the process they went through with Michel from R-M Paints to decide on the colour. The distinctive blue was created by mixing 7 different types of flakes to form ‘Bombinette Blue’. It’s all topped off with – wait for it – 23 carat gold leaf details.

It’s also important to mention that the missile was for display purposes only and was disarmed and stored safely while the bike was being run on the track. You’ve gotta chase those extra points for creativity!

So how did it go at the Sultans of Spring? Piloted by Laurence C., the bike managed to reach fifth overall. It also took out the ‘Style and Engineering’ award with the ‘get your pit crew blind drunk the night before’ going to another team (I have nothing to confirm this, but I’m guessing it’ll be some guys from Eastern Europe).

“the Bombinette performed even better than their last BMW build, thanks to a little more trimming and a hell of a lot more nitrous”.

Laurence C. approaches the bomb

The team is absolutely delighted with the result, with the Bombinette performing even better than their last BMW build, thanks to a little more trimming of the frame and engine and a hell of a lot more nitrous. We truly cannot wait to see what the team wheel out next year!

Lucky Cat Garage – Facebook – Instagram | Photos by Marc Holstein ]

  • guvnor67

    I’m beginning to think, respectfully, that Lucky Cat should add Cool Cat and Crazy Cat to their title! I like the way they’re not afraid to push the envelope (well, tear it up and burn it), and produce brilliantly mad motorcycles that look good either standing still or thundering past with attention to detail often reserved for show bikes. Awesome!

    • Dave Coetzee

      Jolly well said!, coming from someone who enjoys peanut butter & ham sandwiches ; )

      • guvnor67

        Yes, my tastes can be a little diverse!

    • Agreed. I think for the bigger, more successful shops, it’s often very easy to do the same thing again and again. Not Lucky Cat.

  • Greybeard1

    You sure that’s not the latest theme build from the revived “American Chopper” show?
    Disappointed it’s not actually rocket powered.

    • Rocket powered? I was disappointed you couldn’t destroy your competition mid race… 😉

  • Keith T Robinson

    yikes! not to mention if hips could kill!

  • martin hodgson

    Absolutely fallen in love with the bikes, concept and attitude of all involved with the Sultans of Sprint series and this is another beauty. It’s like a Gasser motorcycle where personality is just as important as anything else and convention goes out the door.

    Needs to be more of it, and packed with plenty of giggle gas just adds to the flavour!

    • HA! I could tell. Maybe time for a Silver Bullet Sprint racer? Would would you build?

      • martin hodgson

        Most definitely, I have three bikes in bits, two of mine and one for a client. As soon as I free the room up by finishing one it’s next on the list…. As Brian said “I need NOS” lol

  • Fido Zombie

    Terrific and maybe terrifying to ride, mash up of BM bits from across the years.
    What are those canisters in the old rear shock mounts?

    • I assumed that they were upgraded shocks – but I could be wrong.

  • Len Farquharson

    Messed with in the most magnificent way!

    • It’s like that Simpsons episode where Homer designs the car, but the car is AWSOME…

      • Jonno Shakesby


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  • John Bénito Lavictoire

    So happy to see the Bombinette here ! <3 😀 The team from LuckyCatGarage are so humble, nice people, makin so good stuff/job on custom bikes.
    I'm in love since i saw the first sprint bimmer (with the first paint jobon it) on google pictures few years ago, a real visual choc …
    Long life to the team, continu to make crazy old bimmer custom bikes !