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POM STAR. A Unique Triumph Bonneville Cafe Mashup by Kerkus

Posted on December 5, 2017 by Andrew in Café Racer. 26 comments

Written by Andrew Jones

There are plenty of interesting brand combinations in the world of motorcycles. You’ve got the classic Tritons, Tribsas and Norvins. Then there’s JAPS and Broughs. Hell, BMW and Peugeot even teamed up at one point. But I’m pretty confident when I say that we’ve never, ever featured a bike that’s seen a Honda and a Triumph Bonneville come together like this. Is it a Tronda? Or maybe a Hiumph? All we know is that this, the latest bike from Malaysia’s Kerkus Motorworks, is set to be a real star.

After eyeing the bike a few month’s ago at Malaysia’s Art of Speed show, we were happy to see that the bike had finally been shot. But first, the boys wanted to talk shop. “2018 will be a big year for us,” says Kerkus half owner, Azaha. “We’re planning a cafe racer conversion kit, focusing on the Triumph Bonneville. We will also launch our official website, where people can buy new Kerkus parts and apparel directly from us”.

The donor was one of the last of a breed – an air-cool 2015 Triumph Bonneville EFI breed to be specific. “It was actually a build commissioned by Triumph Malaysia that was to promote the brand at this year’s Art of Speed show,” says Aza. And just how the company felt about the Honda Comstars is anyone’s guess – but by the smiles on their faces when we met them, we don’t think they minded too much.

“The inspiration comes from the same place for all our bikes; we’ve always loved minimalism and industrial design… especially when the two are combined”. With the bike’s blatant ‘use it or lose it’ design ethos and stark black and white tank decoration, it’s not hard to see how they’ve put their spanners where their mouths are.

“Actually, we only had around 1 month to finish the bike,” continues Aza. “Right after we got the bike, we immediately started doing many sketches on what the finished product could look like. But we had to remember not to overdo it, as part of the deal with Triumph Malaysia was to make the completed bike sellable. In fact, we managed to sell it right after the show”.

As for the modifications, the build’s definitely more complex than its clean, simple lines may suggest. “The three big mods were the lowered forks, the trimmed and cleaned rear frame and the suspensions upgrades. Oh, and the Comstars, of course.”

With the rears springers upgraded to Ohlins, the fronts were gifted a set of progressive springs and thoroughly reworked to make sure they didn’t let the side down, figuratively or literally.

Other ‘I didn’t notice that until now’ goodies include a side-mounted speedo, Rizoma racing foot pegs and reservoirs, Tommaselli clip-ons, a Drag Specialties front headlight, a British Customs muffler, Triumph racing levers and a pair of Avon Roadrider hoops.

“Choosing the right colour was very hard,” says Aza in closing. “Me and my partner Raveen had many rounds of discussions on exactly what the tank would look like. In the end, we agreed with what you see here. We both think that the monochrome scheme is the right way to go, as it’s clean, minimal and it can blend in perfectly to almost any situation”.

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  • James K

    No doubt even thinking things like “I really don’t dig the gas tanks on these bonnies” would get me hung, drawn and quartered in some circles, but, well, there it is. The build is great, and the rear subframe treatment, lowered front end and clip ons give the bike a forward facing aggressive stance.

    It’s the tank that lets it down – it looks bloated on this otherwise sleek and slimmed down bike. Like a formula X protein shake for breakfast with a side order of 40 donuts.

    • Al

      It’s pregnant. There is a baby Tronda/Hiumph in that tank.

  • MotoTrooper

    Very few Triumph bikes do it for me. This one does with a few exceptions. The tank has been nicely de-emphasized with the use of paint. Although if I were to keep those ridiculous low clip-ons in place perhaps some reliefs in the tank where they would come in close contact would be good. But since they’re adjustable they’d be reset at their highest position. The Honda wheels are a great addition. I had a Silverwing and when working on it I marveled at how light and strong they were. The tail treatment is interesting in that it appears kinda rough and hackey and also thoughtful and elegant. Like a sawzall chop and plate over, then the addition of the contrasting plate on stand-offs. Not perfect but looks to be a fun interesting bike.

  • the watcher

    This looks to me like a crashed bike bought from auction that’s been put back on the road with some (admittedly nice) aftermarket parts and some stuff they had lying around the workshop. Comstars are too identifiably Honda, sawn off arse end looks lazy, and side mounting the speedometer on a café-racer is plain naff. Sorry, not for me.

    • Andy Rappold

      Got up on the wrong food this morning?? 😀

      • the watcher

        Honestly, I’ve tried to be nice (or at least positive) recently but really, if it wasn’t for the pricey bolt-ons, you’d think this was a teenagers’ first attempt to get something “custom” on the road.

        • Andy Rappold

          I dont get your anger…have been worse examples around during the last weeks.

          • the watcher

            No anger involved, just my impression. Ultimately I’m glad of the existence of all motorcycles.

  • martin hodgson

    I know I’m one of the few people who loves Comstar wheels and I have a large supply so I’ll never run out lol But this might be the best they’ve ever looked and they’re not even on a Honda… I love it!!!! Especially on the front, with that lowered stance they look bloody brilliant, plus they’re light as hell and strong as an Ox. I just really enjoy all these bikes coming out of Sth East Asia, none of the hang ups we have about what is supposedly “right and wrong” just damn cool bikes playing by their own set of rules…. which I always thought was the point!

    • Andy Rappold


    • JayJay

      They look the part on this build.. but light? Not really. I like the bike, especially the stance.

    • guvnor67

      Absolutely Martin! I wish Triumph would do a modern version of the tank that’s on my 79 Bonnie, it’s Slim and sexy at the rear, plenty of space to tuck the knees in, and looks visually light. It’s my only real niggle with the modern Trumpys, those tanks. The Comstars on this are a tour-de-force!

      • The side profile of the tank is what kills them. Too tall and puffy looking.

        • guvnor67

          Absolutely, looks a bit like a veggie Samosa or an onion Bahji

    • Agree on the wheels. If only they came in 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0″ widths.

      • Flying W

        Hate Comstars, ugly in any incarnation. Those quasi-spokes from the Z900RS would look a whole lot better — best mags in ages.

      • MotoTrooper

        I have briefly wondered at whether it would be (kind of) reasonable to get some wider aftermarket rims and reattach the comstar spokes to them for that retro-modern style. I particularly like the styling of the six-point VF1000R Comstars…

        • the watcher

          NS400r had those too. Much, much better.

  • Robert Henry

    I love the tank on this.

  • Andy Rappold

    Very classy!But FFS put some fenders on it.

  • I like this a lot! Don’t like the close up of the bolts that are too long hanging down above the license plate, but they could be corrected easily. It’s nice to see some attention/creativity given to the space behind the seat. And… the tasteful use of Comstar wheels which add some variety to this build especially in this gray color. Note to builder: Trim the speedo drive knob off of the right lower fork slider.

    • Al

      It’s always a good idea to have some extra length in those bolts out the back, just in case you want to add a milk crate.

  • AB

    I’m digging the wheels on this. Probably because I do not like the stock Triumph mag wheels.
    A lot of good going on, but that rear end treatment – No sir, I don’t like it.

  • Al

    I like black and white coloured tanks (mine is black on one side and white on the other).
    And while it doesn’t matter much if the bike is not ridden in the rain, the front tire is still mounted the wrong way around.

  • rein skugler

    This is conclusive proof that the tenth commandment does not apply to bikes …

  • Benny

    Dear builders who have a set of Comstars outback – please throw them away, preferably into a deep, deep ocean. Otherwise it’s beautiful from the side / front angles, a bit off from others