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SPACE ODYSSEY. Meet the New Sci-Fi Bobber From Singapore’s Bandit9

Posted on December 9, 2017 by Andrew in Bobber, Other. 80 comments

Written by Marlon Slack

Singapore’s Bandit9 motorcycles aren’t ones for nostalgia. They’re not into tank swaps, oil leaks, bolt-on parts or recycled ideas either. Rather than revive or emulate the halcyon days of motorcycling they do their own thing – this time producing a limited run the ‘Odyssey’, a bike so clean it makes the term ‘understated’ feel understated.

If you’re late to the Bandit9 party you’re due for a quick rundown. A few years ago the team were on a roll, producing build after build, each knocking their brief out of the park. Then they went a little dark for a while, slowing production down due to some personal issues. A few months back they reappeared, releasing an incredible sci-fi themed Bobber. And now the Odyssey. We’re pretty sure they’re on that roll again.

So one thing you’ll have noticed is they’re a forward-looking bunch of guys. The team eschews nostalgia and traditional bike aesthetics for a dark utopian Sci-Fi feel. All seamless metalwork, carefully thought out details and with the Odyssey, even the option for a futuristic powerplant. But we’ll get to that.

As well as their vision for the future, a constant of Bandit9’s builds is their unibody design. Each of the bikes they’ve crafted focus on long, continuous panels of steel or alloy, unbroken lines between the tank and seat and a level of precision bodywork that’s more likely to be found in high-end car design than anything two-wheeled.

All that bodywork is precision engineered by the team in Singapore from 904L stainless steel. And typical of their work, everything is crafted to within an inch of it’s life. There’s no panel gaps or ill-considered details. Everything has been thought out. Take the ‘unibody’ design. Somewhere in there hides a flush-mounted sidestand and at the rear it features one of the best OLED brake light assemblies I’ve ever seen.

“That’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of technology under 20,000 feet.”

The details that make up the bike are similarly well-considered. Lightweight Borani rims mounted to Marzocchi forks, a Beringer Aerotec braking system and an Italian leather seat are just a few of the ancillaries. But the greatest thing isn’t visible in the photos. The dash assembly runs an avionics assembly, projecting speed and tripmeter from beneath the unibody design. That’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of technology under 20,000 feet.

With only nine being constructed to order, when it comes to the engine Bandit9 have two options for their customers. The first is a honking 1400cc V-twin while the second is a dual drive electric motor with tear-your-face-off torque and horsepower. If you’re lucky enough to be in the market for an Odyssey that’s the way I’d go. A perfect match of aesthetic and engine.

But if you are about to break out the bank card you’ll have to be quick. With only nine slated for production the restless guys at Bandit9 are tooled up to take orders now. If you were to order an Odyssey, you’d be sure to turn heads all over the solar system.

[ Bandit9FacebookInstagram | Photos by Jeremy Wong ]

  • James

    How do you keep from sliding off the back?

    • the watcher

      Hit those Beringers hard and you’ll have the opposite problem.

      • Ted L

        That’s going to be hard to do because they aren’t even connected.

        • Rogue Element

          The brake lines up front are visible in the photos…. though the ink-black background makes them hard to spot.

    • Marlon

      Hang on!

    • Al

      “The saddle’s high density foam molds to your body distributing weight evenly. Hop off and the seat recovers its original shape to line up perfectly with the Odyssey’s silhouette.”

  • That sets the bar to a new level for the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

    • MotoTrooper

      Indeed, if this is the future of motorcycling. I quit.

      • Taking a second look, it appears to be a giant fish head being dragged backwards.

        • Andrew Jones

          Nothing positive to say? Just look that rear view in the first photo. Tell me that doesn’t look amazing!?

          • Alex Cagg

            That doesn’t look amazing.

          • I almost kinda see what you mean, but what kills it so much is the two dimensional look of almost all of it and some angles,/details look like CGI.

          • Al

            Good call on the CGI…’RooEvans’ (see his comment below) is quite sure they ARE just Renders.

        • MotoTrooper

          From the side it looks to me like a horse wearing one of those horse blankets .

        • Greybeard1

          Bass plug, no?

    • John_Tangeraas

      Apparently you haven’t seen my previous girlfriends.

  • the watcher

    Fuck that’s random.

    • Andrew Jones

      The future usually is.

      • the watcher

        “Usually” random? Wow!

  • Greybeard1

    “Captain! There’s a vessel uncloaking off our port side!”
    “Can you identify it Mr. Chekov?.”
    “Yes Captain, it’s a Kardashian Hag of Prey!”.

    • Andrew Jones

      if we had a comment of the week award…

      • Greybeard1

        …I figured worth a smirk at least…?

  • Vince Martinez

    I like the look, since electric motorcycles really have no “golden age” the style for them has yet to be defined. Making them look like current or past bikes is an attempt to reach current riders. This is bold indeed, more dystopian than utopian but I’d ride one in a heart beat, this from a member of the BMW Airhead Cult.

    • Edward K

      Only problem is that this one is not electric.

      • Marlon

        Except that it is.

        • Al

          Good call…

      • Vince Martinez

        Electric now or in the near future, it is a forward-looking design that could possibly shape future perception of motorcycle design. “Everyone” knew rigid frames handled better until Rex McCandless built the Featherbed; adapt or perish (or become a “heritage” marque).

        • the watcher

          Yeah, and those wire wheels scream Y2.1K.

          • Vince Martinez

            It would be much better with hybrid hub motor/suspension in wheel technology but the future has to start somewhere and with vision instead of regurgitating the current “correct answer.” Not pointed at anyone in particular but The conversation reminds me of an Einstein quote – “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

          • the watcher

            Ah, but it’s the incremental nature of clocks that misdirects modern temporal thinking. The future doesn’t actually “start” anywhere/anytime, as Einstein clearly understood.

          • Vince Martinez

            HaHaHaHaHaHa, nicely done! However, in Classical Physics observation distorts results.

          • the watcher

            The act of measurement effects the outcome, yes? Always like dropping that one on people; a classic mind-fuck!

      • Andrew Jones

        it’s available in both electric and ICE variations.

        • “Available” means they’d love to find somebody that would pay for one.

          • Of course!

          • Guzzto

            Andrew what’s your take on these guys copying other builders working stealing their photographs and pitching CGI vapourware builds? surely you should be showcasing actual builds not scammers and theives

  • James K

    I can see a rear axle bolt, lower fork tubes and a big red horseshoe on the back. Guessing everything in between is Darth Vader’s sandwich, but it’s hard to tell.

  • It needs a pair of winglets…

  • Don Arnold

    Cheap HUDs are about to hit the GA market. 2,000 feet.

  • Cooper Brent

    I can appreciate the batshit-insane attention to detail and craftsmanship on this. Hats off to that. From a visual standpoint though, I just don’t know what to think. Being that it’s so high-tech and avionics themed, why not make something super aero and agressive like a nighthawk stealth plane? Think more futuristic/weird version of the Ronin Bikes? But then I guess it wouldn’t be original. None-the-less, its current shape makes me think “submarine with wheels”.

    • the watcher

      Or a 1980s cigarette lighter (with wheels).

  • guvnor67

    Like my ex-wife’s personality, I’m divided here. I love the brakes, and that tail-light, but overall it’s not grabbing me. Photographing it in Darth Vader’s bathroom with the lights off doesn’t help. Bandit 9 nearly always win my vote, but sorry, quality work though it may be, I find myself really not liking the bodywork. The future is starting to scare me.

    • But that Darth Vader shoot cost us big bucks…

      • Money well spent?

      • guvnor67

        The Death Star is fully operational . . . ..

  • I’d like to try and ride it, that’s for sure! Maybe if they made the bodywork at the front hug the profile of the front tire or make the front end look a little less conventional (looks like it was just bolted on as an afterthought, as-is) it may be a little easier on the eyes? I still want to try and ride it.

  • Andrew Jones

    Can you imagine riding through yr local strip at night on it? It’d be like a rip in the time space continuum…

    • There would be much laughter and cajoling/guffaws I would predict.

    • guvnor67

      It’d be a rip in your scrotum if you jammed on the brakes. . . . !!

  • Al

    It’s always a sign of real motorcycle enthusiasts… when they mount the front tire the wrong way around.

  • martin hodgson

    I dig it and I’d definitely opt for the electric version! Especially if it came with the shaft drive as well, that would be so silky smooth! The craftsmanship is first rate, the stainless work alone is super impressive, working with such huge surfaces leaves absolutely no room for error and it’s one of the harder materials to work with. Love the rear end and the tail lights framing out the tyre. Is it conventional? of course not! That’s not what Bandit9 ever do and thank god for that. I’d be so bored to look at the same bikes built the same way every single time. Fact is, they deliver an amazing product on time to their clients who love what they do and I’ve seen plenty of builders steal “borrow” ideas from their past builds and I bet this is no different! They walk right out to the ledge… for many its too far and too much outside of their comfort zone, but with each build they only offer 9 machines and for those willing to walk boldly they add to their collection something you simply wont get anywhere else. To me that’s what this is all about, pushing limits, taking risks and NOT building bikes that any factory could churn out in their thousands.

    • Al

      Apparently, the electric version is suppose to be ‘dual drive’ with an electric motor in each wheel but even their website gives no clue about specifics (maybe Andrew can squeeze some more out of the ‘bandit’s themselves). I’ll keep trying to find out some more…

      • Al

        I think ‘Marlon’ is right. THIS (the photos above) is the electric version with a motor in each wheel (back hub on both sides identical/3. and 4. photo) plus front hub bigger than usual (2. last photo).

  • RooEvans

    Isn’t here anyone who notices all of these so called ‘photos’ are CGI/renders? Except for the closeup with the Beringer caliper, which is a real picture. I’m curious as to how these renders will translate into Bandit9’s otherwise great craftmanship!

    • Al

      Renders…eh (in the last 2 the tires look amazingly real).
      And I just had an Email from banit9 saying: “…At the moment, we are still measuring and finalizing the specifications of the electric motor…”
      meaning, they haven’t build (an electric) one yet.

    • KD

      These apparently computer generated images show a truly extraordinary motorcycle design. Look at it long enough and the adjectives just keep pouring: original, better yet unique, definitely in a league of its own, call it revolutionary, if you like. But look at the St. Vincent “project” on their website and it will make you wonder if originality is at the core of Bandit9’s visionaries. The St. Vincent is a poor rendition, copied down to the last detail, of Ian Barry’s THE WHITE ( No mention of or credit to Mr. Barry are given. Bravely, Bandit9 claim the St. Vincent was “inspired by fine timepieces”. Really?

      • Al

        Unbelievable (the St.Vincent story/copied down to the last detail)… it gets better by the minute… all is revealed… and their credibility is going downhill really fast (‘Odyssey’…do a Render…don’t tell anybody it is JUST a Render…get some orders and a fat deposit etc.)

        • Guzzto

          see my comment , they actually used ian barry photo and shopped on top of it.

      • RooEvans

        I had no idea they made a copy of Ian Barry’s ‘The White’, thanks for contributing, they even took it down of their website already!

    • MayDayMoto

      Further evidence that this is BS: what side is the rear brake disc on? I the first photo it appears to be on the right side of the bike, in the third photo it is on the left side, then in the photo immediately below it, it’s on the right side again. These are pretty renders but they can’t even be consistent in their trickery from one image to the next. Laughable.

  • Mo Denaro

    What are they hiding under there?

    • Jimmy Hoffa

      • the watcher

        There’s about a hundred people left alive who get that.

  • Andy Rappold

    Looks like a jukebox on wheels…not my cup of tea.

  • Guzzto

    design student quality renders of a design student level design.

  • Guzzto

    these are pretty poor renderings of a very ugly design. next

  • Guzzto

    Interesting a commentor mentioned the similarity of one of bandit 9’s other bikes ‘The St Vincent to Ian Barrys of Falcon motorcycles build called ‘The White’ So I went looking at bandit 9’s site and the at Falcon, oh boy are they the same bike or what, curiously Bandit 9 removed the link to there St Vincent about ten minutes later (hi guys you reading this) but I have grabbed a frame of it already , what was even more disturbing is overlaying Ian Barry’s Build with the image from Bandit 9 and realising that Bandit 9 have actually just used THE SAME PHOTO of Falcons build and photoshopped over it the whole front fork assembly and front wheels are identical although rotated 3 degrees for a different rake but it is undoubtedly the same image , same rear wheel and same exhaust pipe , the specular highlights valve cap position in relation to tread and tyre manufacturer label etc etc all line up , it is the same photo. This is seriously shitty if they are passing other peoples build of ass their own design and using other peoples actual work. I have been making fake shit look real for the movie industry for 30 years and can spot bad cgi a mile away, these guys are peddling vapourware, It looks like this latest build is there own design because it is so shit. Ian barry should at least know these clowns ripped off his photography

    • RooEvans

      Good job Guzzto 🙂 I think we can both agree they have to work more on their business side of things instead of making so-so renders.

  • Neil_TonUp


    • Guzzto

      Hey Neil I’ve got no issue with bold design (that’s why I visit Pipeburn), but passing other people’s designs off as your own is lame.
      (to be clear I’m not talking about this particular CGI rendering)
      Bandit 9 claimed a Falcon motorcycles build as their design and have since tried to hide the fact by removing it from their website. They basically photoshopped over falcons professional photographs and make some changes then claimed it as their build. Thats worthy of some hate or ridicule in my books.

      • The funny thing, (or ironic if you prefer), is that they are called “Bandit” and actually this is what they do…

  • Al

    “Andrew what’s your take on these guys copying other builders working stealing their photographs and pitching CGI vapourware builds? surely you should be showcasing actual builds not scammers and theives” -End of quote

    I would like to know what your take is on that too, Andrew.

  • Jamie Liberty

    Again another horribly dark Pipeburn photo shoot. Taking photos in the dark to show off is not helpful and barely cliché artsy.

    • Guzzto

      its CG of a bike that doesn’t exist that they want to take orders for , these guys are crooks (also stealing other builders designs and passing off as their own)

  • Alvin J Wilcox

    Looks like all it’s missing is a WEBER GRILL emblem.

  • Mayakovski

    Ugly, useless, ugly and useless. Nuf said!

  • Fido Zombie

    CGI or not, the front “arch” reminds me of the radiator of an old Bugatti racer. Which would make the rest of the bodywork the bonnet.
    So futuro or retro??

  • papajhotel

    When this was first posted I thought I’d check them out as I’m going to Singapore this week. Their only point of contact is an email. No address or phone number!

  • MayDayMoto

    Why is this still on the site, now that they have been thoroughly debunked as a bunch of photoshop artists? Or is this site about images first, real bikes by real builders maybe second?

  • harrydavidge

    If you’ve ever wondered what having an intimate relationship with a dumpster looks like? Well, now you know.