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RISE OF THE APES. Lucky Custom‘s ‘De Lujo’ Honda Dax Bobber

Posted on December 11, 2017 by Andrew in Bobber, Classic. 21 comments

Written by Andrew Jones

If there’s one thing that Argentina’s Lucky Customs should be known for, it’s their brain frying, jaw dropping, eye watering diversity. From space-inspired racers to off-road beasts to 1950s salt racers, these guys seem to be going out of their way not to build the same bike twice. Here’s their latest zag when we were expecting a zig; a Honda Dax they call ‘Luxury’.

“This bike is a bobber made from a classic 80’s Honda Dax,” says Lucky’s Lucas Layum. “I wanted to make it like a little gem or a piece of jewellery; I named it ‘luxury’ from a metal emblem that I had previously found at an old car swap meet”.

Lucas started by reworking the chassis with the intention of leaving it as clean as possible. All clutter was removed, but Lucas didn’t leave things there. “The front suspension is inverted as standard, but we made the rear rigid with some decorative metal rods”. Is there such a thing as a lowrider motorcycle? There is now.

The ‘Ape Hanger’ handlebars were chosen and manufactured in a very traditional way, and clearly they bring the bike to life. As does the front spoked wheel. “Note that these tires have to be removable, so we made a ‘design beam’ crossing one side of the rim so it can be easily disassembled if needed”.

The bike’s paint is wall-to-wall silver metal flake and the exhaust is like a cartoon caricature of the original. Which is probably no coincidence, as the seat has been upholstered with a Roy Lichtenstein-esque comic book panel. “The gear change is like the suicide clutch of larger Harley bobbers,” says Lucas, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.

“I wanted this build to prove that it really does not matter what a bike’s displacement is, it can still be as cool as you want. It is also a personal tribute to a motorcycle that marked my adolescence and on which I carried my first girlfriend and got my first kiss”.

Lucas went out of his way to stress that the metallic flake is completely wild in person. “Its fully awesomeness isn’t really captured in the photos, but see it in person and I guarantee you’ll be blown away”. What a gem.

Lucky Customs – Instagram | Photos by Gonzalo Viramonte ]

  • guvnor67

    Crazy kool! But to answer the question, yes, LoRiderz have been around for as long as I can remember. The text confuses me: “The tyres have to be removable”, one would hope so. Anyway, love the paint, and the silliness of the thing!

    • That one confused me, too. Lost in translation, I think. Maybe it was in reference to split rims?

      • guvnor67

        Yer, I think that’s it. Funky little bike though!

  • the watcher

    Dear Christ! I’ve seen so many of these now (the Japanese have taken them to every possible extreme) that they tend to become much of a muchness. And they’re all daft.

    • Jonesy

      You got that right! But aren’t ALL motobikes daft? Just getting my worked CBR 1000 back on the road. And LOVE the silver flake! What do you blokes think of spraying a ‘68 Beeza in silver flake?

      • Agreed: re the daft comment. It’s just degrees of lunacy…

      • guvnor67

        I say go for it!

  • AB

    Love it. About time metal flake make a comeback.

  • Guzzto

    well it’s better than Bandit 9’s CGI bike.

    • guvnor67


  • Coolridge

    Very cool little beasty,
    This example is famous in engineering circles and featured late last year on Kneeslider.

    • Coolridge

      Sorry fellow travellers, this little beasty was designed and created by Herzlich Willkommen, his home is Mr Willkommen’s Elenore V8 868cc is also a wonder.

    • That’s nuts.

  • Dave Coetzee

    I’m blown away by the photos alone.
    I upgraded from a Chopper bicycle to a Honda SS50V, back in ’77 when I turned 16. This would have been the ideal transition.

  • James K

    This looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys, but I don’t get the rods in lieu of the rear suspension. I mean I get it, the bobber look and all that but man – nailing a speed bump/pothole/bottle cap on that thing would be an aneurysm-in-waiting.

    You’d be sat right on top of the back wheel – at least on most bobbers the seat pan is sprung and positioned forward of the rear wheel. I feel at odds with myself being critical of a bike that is clearly not to be taken too seriously, but still. A bit of spring couldn’t hurt – a lack of it probably will.

    • martin hodgson

      I had a similar initial reaction when I noticed the lack of shocks but then I told myself stop being an old pussy lol it would be no doubt a more comfy ride with some nicely spring shocks, but I really think the rigid rear goes with the theme of the bike. It’s like a mini bobber that yes will hurt the kidneys but you look bad ass in the process and there is a sadistic part of me that really loves that feeling! Lol

  • I’m gonna put it out there – I think the Pop-Art seat is a stroke of genius. Thoughts?