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‘71 Honda CB450 – Bas Rovers

Posted on March 16th, by Andrew in Bobber. 24 comments

Featuring non-professional builders is something we don’t do nearly enough of here at the House of Burnt Pipes. There’s something incredibly honest about a guy toiling away in his freezing and/or boiling garage at all hours of the night. And for what? Greasy, skinned knuckles and a constantly empty wallet – that’s what. But there’s something else that can also emerge. Something wonderful. Something that art critics have called one the purest forms of folk art ever created. So here’s Netherlandian Bas Rover’s own little folk art masterpiece, a hardtail Honda CB450 bobber.

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Fred Krugger’s ’66 Honda CB 450 – “Tribute to Japan”

Posted on January 25th, by Andrew in Café Racer. 47 comments

There’s nothing quite like a builder from outside the scene to shake things up a little

There’s a few names that truly sit on the top shelf of the imaginary custom motorcycle hall of fame in my head. Ian Barry from Falcon is one. John Ryland from Classified is probably another. But in terms of longevity and sheer hard work, few builders can beat the stirling rep created by Belgium’s Fred Krugger and his Krugger Motorcycles. Looking back through his work, he has created some of the most memorable customs of the past 10 years. Bikes that redefined what the words “custom bikes” actually meant. He even created a bike that transforms, for god’s sake. And he took out some pretty impressive awards along the way, including a win at the AMD show in Sturgis by an epic 50 point margin over second place. All these great bikes, but never a café racer. Well, not until now that is…

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JMR Customs Honda CB450

Posted on January 10th, by Andrew in Bobber, Café Racer. 63 comments

Decisions, decisions. What colour should I make the tank? Or should the tank be bare metal? How do you coat bare metal so it doesn’t rust? What tires should I choose? Should I choose the same front and back tires or should they be different? How low should it be? If I lower it, will it change the handling? What rims should I use? Should I keep the standard headlight? Do I use pipewrap or not? Do I need fenders? Will the bike attract the cops? Should it be clean or ratty? Will it look weird or will it look cool? Customising a bike involves so many questions. All of them seem insurmountable, yet you somehow know that what makes a great bike is just the final sum of all these tiny little decisions. Hold back on them and you’ll get a bike that blends into the background like a turd at a chocolate festival. Go overboard and you’ll spend your weekends ignoring the chuckles and the rolled eyeballs as you arrive at your local hang. But get it right

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Pipeburn Video: Bonita

Posted on March 21st, by Andrew in Classic, Video. 26 comments

As you may remember, we recently featured a very beautiful Honda cafe racer called “Bonita” that got quite a respectable response from you, the good readers of this here blog. Actually, it was more like Beatles riot come to think of it. Basking in the post-victory afterglow, Pepe and I were shooting the poop on all things Bonita, and he mentioned that he was really impressed with the two Deus videos we had recently posted. Luckily for us (or more correctly, me) it didn’t take a genius to figure out what to do next; we’d celebrate the the hottest girl we knew using the magic of modern video. And after many hiccups (including delaying the shoot due to a heatwave) we have managed to finish the thing. What an epic odyssey. Hope you like it.

Many thanks to Pepe (of course) for letting us dance with his babe on the roof of a supermarket at midnight, and his trusty sidekick Pablo. Thanks to Toby for his eccentric yet genius DOP skills and Banana Joe’s for letting us shoot on their roof. Also thanks to Lee from BJs Custom Choppers for letting us stay after the lights went out (long story). The song is “Some Kinda Love” by The Velvet Underground.

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Honda 1971 CB450 “Bonita Applebum”

Posted on January 4th, by Andrew in Café Racer, Classic. 67 comments

Suddenly, Bonita found herself lost and alone in a scary but very well-lit cave

Here’s another bike from one of the new friends we made at the Deus Build-off. Please meet the very lovely Bonita Applebum and her old man, Pepe Luque.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Bolivia and migrated to Australia at the age of 2. I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney in a family of 7 in a small housing commission home (aka ‘housos’ to us westies). As you could imagine, I spent most of my time on the streets getting away from a cramped up houso, where we were fighting over every little thing. Meanwhile, I had taken up skateboarding which till this day I still do and love. The rest of the time was spent modifying cars in my mother’s backyard, poor Mum! These mods were basically pulling out the piston motor and dropping in a rotary. Some of the cars were Gemini’s 12a and 12a turbo, Datsun 1000 coupe 12a, 13b turbo, and a Ford Anglia (Harry Potter’s car) 12a and so on… In the meantime, while skating, I managed to pick up a few sponsors and a few speeding fines! I eventually moved out of the western ‘burbs and I am currently working for a large private hospital on Sydney’s North Shore as the Operating Theatre Prosthetic Inventory Co-ordinator. Still skating biatches! I also love snowboarding, wakeskating, PS3 and anything to do with Apple Inc. I love building things and Bonita Applebum is my first ever bike build.

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1972 Honda CB450 Café Racer

Posted on October 18th, by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 14 comments

We were recently accused of featuring too many Honda CB’s on Pipeburn. So when I received this CB450 from Benjie Flipprboi at BCR, I had to think twice about posting it. After about 10 seconds of thinking… I decided it was too nice not to feature. The bike was painstakingly built over an 18 month period by one of Benjies good customers Kevin Dinsmoor – using a lot of BCR products. The unique shaped tank is a BCR Hammer Head and one of my favourite tanks on the market. The cafe seat is also from the talented Mr Flipprboi and both tank and seat have been painted in an old Toyota Corolla green from the 70’s with anthrecite pin stripe. “It took a while to choose” says Joe. “I don’t have photoshop so it took days to settle on a stripe pattern and three rolls of tape.”

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1971 Honda CB450 Bobber

Posted on July 30th, by Scott in Bobber, Brat. 39 comments

There will be many die-hard Honda enthusiasts who might think taking a mint condition 1971 CB450 and turning it into a Gravel Crew inspired bobber is sacrilegious. I for one, am not one of those people.

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Honda CB450 Phil Little Racing

Posted on July 21st, by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 3 comments

Spotted this stunning Honda CB450 café racer on Kneeslider the other day. The bike was built by Philip Little and was actually started many years ago. “I started this 1972 CB-450 café in 2003″ Phil says. “It was to be a showcase bike for my CR450 body kit and hard parts. The bike’s completion, in 2010, came after the CR450 product line was purchased by Robert Ward of Concord, CA”.

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