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Eastern Creek Track Day, 2010

Posted on October 3, 2010 by Andrew in Racer. 2 comments

Let me tell you a story of horror and sadness. Sydney. A spring long weekend. A much-anticipated and expensive track day at Sydney’s premier racetrack. Then, on the drive out to the track, the heavens open and spill their horrible, grey wrath onto the earth in never-ending demonic sheets. Grown men wept and shook their damp, wrinkly fists at the sky.

I had grand plans for colourful action shots of speeding machinery and bitumen. Instead, I got a lens full of empty track and grown men in leather snoozing in fold-up chairs, $250 dollars out-of-pocket. I did my best – hopefully the shots have captured the essence of the day without making you want to slash your wrists. Please enjoy in a silent, respectful sort of a way.


A Parallel Universe

Posted on August 29, 2010 by Scott in Other. 1 Comment

Yesterday the guys at Deus Ex Machina put on their ‘Parallel Universe‘ day – a festival celebrating all Parallel Twin motorcycles. Andrew Jones our resident photographer/writer dropped by and took some snaps of the goings-on. We hope you like them.


Shoot your bike – Part 2

Posted on August 9, 2010 by Andrew in Other. 12 comments

Last time (Part 1) we looked at what not to do when photographing your motorbike and covered off the five most common mistakes made by those more used to wielding a blowtorch than a camera.

Now the flip side of the washer; examples of photos that really do work. We’ve purposely chosen shots that haven’t been taken by pros as there’s no point in drooling over snaps that have been made with gear worth more than the bike being photographed. These shots are all do-able by your good selves with a little time, patience and practice. So what are you waiting for? Get shooting.

1. Great Backgrounds.


Some of the best bike shots are the ones that seem effortless and natural – as if the photographer wasn’t really trying but somehow managed to capture a great image. This is one of those. See the way the red of the tank is contrasted against the green of the soft-focus forest? That’s Genius, that is.


Shoot your bike – Part 1

Posted on July 29, 2010 by Andrew in Other. 10 comments
Thanks to the Simpsons, we’re all familiar with the concept of “beer goggles”. That’s when alcohol impairs our judgment to make something that’s not so great look amazing. But here at Pipeburn we suffer from the opposite problem, which we call “blur goggles”. This is where amazing bikes are made to look really average thanks to lack-luster photography.
So in an attempt to help you get your photography skills on par with your bike-building skills, we’d like to present to you the first in our two part series on taking better photos of motorcycles.
First up, what NOT to do.
Busy backgrounds. It’s easy to focus on your beautiful motorbike through that viewfinder and not really concern yourself with anything else. But when we look at the results, all we see is the weird-ass tree growing out of your bike’s seat. So when you set up your next shot, make sure that the scene behind the bike is not stealing your thunder, or better still, use depth of field to keep the bike in focus and the rest of the shot soft.


Moto Chick

Posted on April 13, 2010 by Scott in Other. 8 comments

Not sure if you’ve noticed but there’s a trend in the fashion world to use vintage motorcycles in photography shoots. The latest are probably the best we’ve seen, shot by Californian photographer Jason Lee Parry he manages to capture some gorgeous pouting by model Hailey Clauson. The series is called “You Ain’t Got Nothing But Nothing to Lose” and is supposed to convey the cafe free spirit of the California summer. There’s one thing for certain, the humble motorbike can make a beautiful girl even more pleasing to the eye. To see the rest of these alluring shots visit Trendhunter or to see some behind the scene pics check out Hailey’s blog. Anyone recognize this garage in California?


Fast food

Posted on June 6, 2009 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 2 comments

This photo hypnotized me when i first saw it. Its the coolest ad for Coco pops I have ever seen. Packed full of 100% cafe racer goodness. Shot by Ben Part at Part B, his moto photography gallery is truly inspiring. He shot that timeless advertising campaign for Davida. Found this gem on the one and only Arsehole customs.