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Triumph Tiger

Saint’s ‘72 Triumph Tiger – “Tesla”

Posted on April 1, 2013 by Andrew in Classic, Tracker. 30 comments

Of all the inventors that have taken their place in the annals of history, few have had quite the impact that Nikola Tesla has. Along with the many real-life inventions he patented or designed for others, Westinghouse and Thomas Edison included, there’s a slew of wild rumours that have become associated with the man. Some say that he invented a machine that could display thoughts like a mental movie projector. Others say he mastered the technology to transmit electricity wirelessly like radio waves. All we can safely say now is that the man understood and saw things on a level us mere mortals could only dream of. Which brings us to the latest creation of Jeff Yarrington’s Saint Motor Company. Now, we’re not saying that Jeff’s a mad genius or anything, but let’s face it, anyone who can conceive of and build a bike like this has to be more than a little Dr. Emmet Brown upstairs, yes?