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’82 Yamaha Virago XV 920

Posted on May 14, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber. 58 comments

I figure it’s best, in the interests of being fair and open, that I disclose a shocking and personal fact. I own a Virago. Oh yes, very funny. Laugh it up, ladies. Say what you will, but you know what? I’m an XV owner and proud. Now mine’s not an 920 jobbie like you see here – she’s a MY 1980 XV 750. But let’s not spilt hairs here, a Virago’s a Virago. Every piss weak, Harley Davidson copyin’ inch of them. So just how does such a seemingly lame-ass no-hoper bike suddenly become the darling of the custom scene? Through a series of sow’s ears into silk purses by Classified Moto, Doc Chops and Zero Cafe Racer – do some Google image searching if you are drawing a blank. And it might well be time to add another name to that list. Meet the Virago that Shed-built, um, built.


Yamaha XT 500 – “The Bastard”

Posted on May 4, 2012 by Andrew in Brat, Café Racer, Rat. 55 comments

Some bikes are served to us on a silver platter, replete with back story, specifications, build photos, screen shots from the eBay ad, the builder’s mothers maiden name, when she lost her virginity and some original polaroids of the aforementioned event (with handwritten notes), and a professionally shot selection of photos with notes from the lensman himself noting time of day, ambient temperature, and how many beers he’d had with his delicious lunchtime meat pie. Then there’s this bike. You want information? We have just about as little as we possibly could without having nothing but a gaping black hole where our email inbox used to be. The real crime here? It’s that something so arse-smackingly cool can be so damn anonymous – like finding out that the hottie across the room at the party who took your breath away is actually suffering from amnesia.


Yamaha RD250 Café Racer

Posted on March 23, 2012 by Scott in Café Racer. 30 comments

There are so many things to love about the Irish. For starters they have one of the highest beer consumption rates in the world. And when I say beer, I don’t mean some low carb, low fat, low calories, low taste beer. I’m talking about proper beers like Guinness. Secondly they love alcohol so much they even put it into coffee — combining two of my favourite things. Lastly, they are renowned for being lucky. They call it the ‘luck of the Irish’. There’s even an old myth in Ireland that if you catch a leprachaun then you will receive a massive pot of gold. Ian Harrington from Cork in Ireland might not have caught any leprechauns lately, but he has turned a pile of other peoples junk into a pot of gold — or a café racer to be exact. “I was offered an old Yamaha RD250 by a work colleague who was clearing out his garage” says Ian. Predictably, it turned out to be a piece of junk and needed a lot of work. “From the start it was never worth restoring as it was too far gone” he says. Luckily for this bike Ian had a soft spot for RD’s and decided to take the project on. Unluckily for the local pub, Ian spent many late nights in his garage instead of knocking back pints.


One Speed’s Yamaha XS1100 – ‘Shokker’

Posted on March 17, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber, Brat. 39 comments

All hail the dark(ness) lord – meet One Speed’s latest little surprise

“Sensible.” It’s a word that has scuppered more good ideas than any blatant negativity or nay-sayers. It’s also the difference between goodness and greatness. Doing everything by the book can only get you so far, but the sign of a true thinker is the way they ignore the “right way” and somehow find logic and magic in the unexpected, or the path less travelled. And in Ontario Canuck Trevor Daley’s case the path was less travelled probably because he sprayed the ashphalt into the sky with a turbo-charged 1100cc engine the way a wood chipper dispatches trees. Meet the bike most likely responsible for the first piece of bitumen in outer space – One Speed’s “Shokker.”


Yamaha XS650 – Holiday Customs

Posted on March 5, 2012 by Scott in Bobber. 42 comments

One of the most common donor bikes these days is the very versatile Yamaha XS650. In the right hands it can be turned into a number of very cool genres. One of the most common forms that grace these pages is the bobber. So when we received these photos from Jared at Holiday Customs of his latest creation we were genuinely excited about his interpretation. Sure, it’s not too far away from his last bobber which he happened to like so much he couldn’t part with it. “I always end up building bikes I want to keep,” says Jared. “I wanted to make another schwinn inspired motorcycle after getting a nice response from the original XS from a year ago.” Like a lot of personal projects by builders they often start off strong but then customers with their paying jobs take precidence  – usually resulting in their own bikes taking a lot longer to finish than originally planned. “I think it worked out well because it gave me more creative time instead of rushing the build” he says.


1976 Yamaha XS360 – Bombshell Customs

Posted on February 21, 2012 by Scott in Bobber, Other. 32 comments

We love boredom. Boredom can drive a person to do some crazy things. Sometimes boredom can get you into trouble. Other times boredom can motivate you to create something unique, something out of the norm. That’s exactly what happened to Mike Busch, a 26 year old Hot Rod builder from Pennsylvania. His original passion is building Hot Rods, which he’s done for years, but he recently decided to do try his skills at building a bike. “I literally got bored one day” says Mike. “I searched Craigs List for cheap bikes with potential and came across this XS”. Mike is one of those guys who has always tinkered with things, even working at a motorcycle shop where he learnt a lot of the skills he used to build this bike. This is Mikes first custom build under his new shop called Bombshell Customs Cycles which is already gaining attention from around the world.


Skull Motorcyles SR400 – ‘No.019’

Posted on February 8, 2012 by Andrew in Café Racer, Other. 61 comments

Can’t type. Brain melted by amazing bike. Must copy and paste thesaurus instead. Admirable. August. Best. Breathtaking. Choice. Elegant. Elevated. Exalted. Exquisite. Fine. Glorious. Gorgeous. Grand. Great. Lofty. Magnificent. Majestic. Marvelous. Matchless. Noble. Optimum Optimal. Outstanding. Peerless. Prime. Proud. Resplendent. Solid. Splendid. Splendiferous. Splendorous. Standout. Stunning. Sublime. Super. Superior. Superlative. Unrivaled.


Yamaha XJR 1200 – “Mastino”

Posted on February 7, 2012 by Scott in Café Racer, Racer. 21 comments

This beautiful creation was built by an Italian shop based in Rome called Emporio Elaborazioni (EE). It was started by a graphic designer, a mechanic and a silversmith who all shared a love of custom motorcycles. This brutal bike is nicknamed the ‘Mastino’ or Mastiff after the breed of large, powerful and rather stocky pedigree dogs. When you look at the stance of this short, mean and muscular café racer you realise the name couldn’t be more fitting if it tried. We always thought the powerful and naked XJR 1200 would be a great contender for a modern café racer, but we had no idea it could look this good – trust the Italians to teach us a lesson in style.


Vicious Cycles ’94 Yamaha ‘FTW200’

Posted on January 9, 2012 by Andrew in Brat, Café Racer. 21 comments

If you could pick any city on earth to settle down and customise bikes in, we think it’s a safe bet that Singapore wouldn’t be at the top of many lists. In a similar fashion to Hong Kong, Singapore has very little tolerance for vehicular modifications and a few of our Pipemates who live over there have told us that you can be defected for something as minor as having non-standard rubber on your rims. And heaven help you if you were to do something crazy like add a new exhaust or tank – that’d result in your bike being impounded. So as you are gazing over the sweet, sweet lines of this little Yammie TW keep in mind that it’s creators, Matt and Merv from Vicious Cycles Singapore, risk severe punishment if they were ever caught riding it in public. Apparently, the last biker who dared do this was forced to watch the movies “Wild Hogs” and “Torque” on an endless loop for an entire month while he was simultaneously made to delete all his browser’s cool bike bookmarks one by one. And that’s not all. Afterward, when he still wouldn’t swear against his beloved custom bikes they forced him to stay in a remote house at the end of a very long, windy road. They then gave him a Wrenchmonkee’s original with all the bells and whistles and covered every inch of the road with lard as they waved goodbye. Bastards.


Destino Custom Garage – ‘Samurai’

Posted on December 5, 2011 by Scott in Bobber. 69 comments


Last week at the Sydney Motorcycle Show this stunning Samurai caused quite a commotion when it was unveiled to the public. At first glance you might think it’s been built by Zero Engineering; the creators of this Samurai style bobber, but when you take a closer look you’ll see there’s one obvious difference – we’ll get to that in a moment. The bike was built by Destino Custom Garage who are a Sydney shop that specialise in custom builds on metric cruisers. Their goal was not to replicate the Zero style Samurai, but to build their own on a completely different platform. The Zero Engineering bikes have always been focused on American engines due to Shinya’s love of the American culture and all things old. “Because we specialise in Japanese motorcycles, we thought that it is only fitting that our Samurai is powered by a Japanese engine” said Jimmi from Destino.