Just a quick one due to it being Christmas Eve and I have lots of Santa duties. Mostly drinking the beers my kids left out for the big bearded man. I will be updating Pipeburn as much as possible over the holidays but will also be doing some guest writing on one of my favourite motorcycle sites BikeExif. Check it out if you don’t already.
Discovered another great blog by pro skater and bike builder Max Schaaf. Named 4Q Conditioning Blog after his custom building business. He is a legend in both the skate and bike industry, his blog has a fresh mix of vintage photos, bike events, skate stuff, custom bike builds and whatever the hell he wants to post. It’s all amusing and definitely worth wasting some time there. Just to give you a taste of 4Q’s work have a look at this old school Triumph Bobber. If you’re thinking the paint job on the peanut tank looks a bit fruity it’s because the bike was custom made for a girl named Sara.