1998 Harley Davidson FLSTF-ANNIVERSARY “Fat Boy” Boogz

All the work was a home build due to the fact that I may/may not have laid her down RIGHT after I bought her (last year). She had a little bit of custom work already done when I bought it, but was black and silver with WAY TOO MUCH chrome; now she looks like a totally different bike. I’ve always loved the ‘50s hot rod look (Mercury’s, Chevy customs, T-buckets, etc.), and I’ve always wanted a Harley. This being my first bike I refused to not get her up and running again. So after I got some insurance monies in my pocket I figured I’d attempt to combine the two loves. I’ve never built any bike/car before this, but I am a greaser/motorhead at heart so I bought an owner’s manual, towed her to a friend’s garage (since I don’t have a garage) and figured I’d give it the ol’ college try. It took about 4 months but I got her rideable again, and boy does she boogie (hence the name, Boogz). Here’s the list of the build:
-installed headlight from Drag Specialties and painted Hot Rod black
-14” ape hanger handlebars from Chubby’s
-all the wiring/soldering to go with the above two installs
-clutch cable from HD since I went from 10” to 14” (did the whole install/calibrating/feathering)
-throttle cables from Drag Specialties
-black clutch/brake levers from Drag Specialties
-removed chrome plating on front end and painting forks Hot Rod black
-installed new choke/fuel enrichner (broke down/cleaned carburetor)
-moved ignition starter switch to battery cover under seat
-fabricated battery cover & painted Hot Rod black
-installed gas tank from Drag Specialties. New petcock, change gas lines, install vacuum line from carburetor, tap gas tank.
-chopped up/grind-round rear fender to shorten it
-installed sissy bar from TC Bro’s (welded attachments and bolted on to rear fender)
-installed license plate LED brake light (wiring & soldering)
-removed wheels and took to shop to install/balance new tires
-installed/wrapped pipes
-sanded/prepped, primed, painted front end forks, headlight, sissy bar, battery cover and did the artwork flames and pin striping on the gas tank and rear fender (I had to set up a hasty paint booth in the garage, bought a Fuji Semi-Pro2 gravity feed spray system to do the painting)
-AND installed a K-bar on front left frame cause, Marine Corps!

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