2006 Ducati 999 UNA… #unamotofiga

Bike was built with the help of Ian Halcott of Twinline, and Todd Chamerblain of Sonic Moto in Oakland who helped me finish it. We made a girder front end too match the frame, trying to keep similar angles to the 999 superbike from whence it came (yea i used “whence”), while keeping similar handling characteristics despite the longer monster swingarm. The idea though was to give the illusion of an impossibly vertical rake, almost like a preying mantis. Confusion mixed with appreciation would have been an appropriate response. The exhaust was supposed to be what happened if a motogp bike exhaust became too hot and burned up through the tail. The name, “UNA”, means one single female in italian. And that’s what this is, a unique creature with all the skin and bones showing.. sexy and curvy, but mechanical and hard at the same time.  While i designed her, all kudos go to Ian and Todd who worked with to make her real.

I ride her almost every day…

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