2018 Kawasaki Z900RS


(As in all of my projects, all the modifications in this bike, every detail and parts like gas tank, exhaust system, panels, seats… were made by myself, as design, welding, metal shaping, milling, mechanical and electrical system. The only thing I didn’t do in this bike was painting).

• Many modifications of the frame (specially the rear section) and the swingarm
• As the front of the swingarm was big enough I welded a box section into it and secured a lithium battery using a leather strap
• Slip-on handmade aluminum and titanium
• Fairing shaped from aluminum
• The stock headlight sits flush at the front of the fairing
• The stock dials are recessed deep into the fairing
• Rather than bolting indicators to the unit I opted for bar end equivalents
• A subframe was made to accommodate twin shocks
• Hand-shaped aluminum component on top of the subframe
• Forks and brakes are standard but the plastic fender was replaced by another custom handmade aluminum component
• Custom fender hugging the rear wheel
• Handmade side panels to balance out the negative space in the frame
• Rotobox carbon fibre wheels
• Rear shocks Öhlins, made especially for this bike
• Brake and clutch Beringer
• Renthal handlebar
• Borani rear-set footpegs
• Seat wrapped in suede leather
• Small LED strip at the rear seat as the brake light
• Titanium 4-into-1 headers
• K-factory muffler

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