Someone wiser than me once said “Ask and Thou Shall Receive“, I asked for your bikes and I did receive. We’ll start with this mouthwatering BSA Gold Star which was originally a long time racer ridden by Ramon ‘Porky’ Perez from Northern California. After he was injured several years ago he sold off most of his Gold Star racers including this one. It was then purchased by flat track legend Tom Horton, who was a former pro National, sporting the number 55. The bike was stripped down and the motor was sent to Matt Hilgenburg from Speed & Sport in Northern California for a complete rebuild to race specs. The chassis and all other work was handled at Tom’s shop Palmdale Supercycles. Most of the custom fabrication was done by Steve DeVoll of SD Fabrication in Little Rock, Ca. Some of the features on this immaculate BSA include a K&S chrome moly replica frame built in England, Alloy Lyta Gold Star tank, Barnes style wheels with no brakes, Ceriani Road Race forks in Betor wide triple clamps and a Lucas race magneto. As you can see every part of this Goldstar has been polished, plated or powder coated to perfection. It now resides in Bob & Linda Neilson’s motorcycle collection, which are mainly vintage flat trackers and desert style bikes. Bob Neilson and his family have a long history in the professional flat track racing scene, he tells us he even raced his Dad a couple of times. Thanks Bob for sharing this impressive flat tracker with us.