Summer is most definitely here in Sydney. I spent a few hours yesterday at Deus checking out the entrants in their 2010 bike building comp, and shit a brick it was hot. Like 35 degrees Celsius hot – or about 500 degrees Fahrenheit for all our non-metric readers. Bad news for my sweat glands, but good news for the photos as most people there were more interested in cooling off in the shadows than getting up-close and personal with the machinery.

The honors were taken by a sweet little Honda twin from Melbourne (see below). I gotta admit, when I first saw it, it kind of stumped me; especially those modern wheels against that retro tank. But looking at the shots now, I realised that I was simply being schooled by a master bike builder. I was learned real good. I also managed to make a few new acquaintances, all of which had put together some amazing bikes for the show. If the planets align in the correct astrological fashion you’ll be seeing more of them in future posts of this here Pipeburn blog. Until then, I hope you enjoy the snaps.

The day’s winner (both people’s choice & best bike) – Nick Eterovic’s “Much Much Go” Honda twin from Melbourne.


More of the winner. Note the ‘do on the tank artwork