When I first spotted this green, lean and mean Triumph I thought it must have been built by one of the many custom shops in Japan. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was built by G-Spot Customs. G-Spot are based in Denver, Colorado and describe themselves as “not your typical run of the mill motorcycle shop. We’re RACERS at heart and will always be racers. As our logo says “not old school, not new school, just pissed off handcrafted motorcycles”. Whatever they are, they know how to build a bike. Having been conceived in 1972 they have been pleasuring people with their G-Spots customs ever since. This outstanding green machine has a 1963 Triumph Bonneville motor, 1970 Chassis with a bolt on rigid frame. It has also been fitted with early 70’s D&D springer, beautiful G-Spot tanks and fenders. They have built the oil tank into the left side gas tank, complete motor rebuild with a 750cc kit and some understated TT pipes. If this bike gets you excited then you will probably enjoy the G-Spot Gallery. [Found on Bikebolt]