This is another unique Flat Tracker that is owned by Flat Track racer and enthusiast Bob Neilson. The Harley Sportster motor is housed in a legendary Trackmaster frame that has been highly modified, stretched 8 inches and all new mounts added. Trackmaster frames were built by Ray Hensley and were synonymous with track racing. Since Ray’s death these frames have been well sought after. Some other specs Bob mentions on a long list include “the rear frame loop is Champion style with changes every where you look. Body work is a one off Trackmaster tank, Champion seat and custom number plates made into a one piece body. It has strocker cylinders, flat slide pumper Mikuni and custom header. Other features include Betor fork clamps with Harley fork legs and S&W shocks. Classic KIM-TAB Magnesium snowflake pattern wheels. The amount of braided stainless lines and AN fittings is amazing, every line and hose is done to perfection”. Some serious hours have gone into building this bike and Bob has no idea who originally built it. If you can shed some light on it I’m sure Bob would be grateful.