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Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer

Posted on March 29, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 8 comments

This Guzzi was sent in by George Dockray from Vancouver who used to be an airplane mechanic but is now a pilot flying float planes around the B.C Coast. I thought it would be best to let George describe this unique Guzzi build: “This particular Guzzi was inspired by the contenders at Cartagena, Spain in the vintage series there. I had seen various things on the web about the series and then four years ago I flew over there to see for myself. Guzzi’s dominate the series, especially a rider and builder named Manel Segarra. Suitably enthused, I decided to build a “Segarra Replica” of sorts – a heated up version of the Guzzi hot rod I already had. Kind of a classic case of “what happens when you heat the garage”. The project was acquired piece by piece, built and assembled over about 2 1/2 years. The idea was to have a cafe-come 70’s endurance racer with some reasonable up-dates and conveniences”.

“Most of the metal fabrication I did myself. Paint, welding and fiberglass fabrication I left to others. My fabrication experience is from aircraft so that’s reflected in the way it’s built. Much of what most people would have welded, I riveted together. It makes for a lighter structure, generally. The electrical system was built from scratch and incorporates a Valentine 1 radar detector and “Blinder” police laser jammer. The engine is far from radical – ’79 1000SP cases, Megacycle X10 cam, 40mm dellorto carbs, V11 Sport flywheel, 1977 LeMans 1 heads (dual-pluged & ported by Mike Rich), home-built headers and modified “Scorpion” megaphone / muffler for a GSXR1000. Gearbox is a stock-as-a-stove Guzzi 5-speed coupled to a 1000SP final drive both overhauled and tweaked by Charley Cole. Barrels are from a ’75 850T, bored & Nikasiled with JE pistons (10.5:1 CR). Ignition and voltage regulator from Sachse. Horn is a 139 db Stebel, all lights except for the headlight are LED’s with Kisan headlight & taillight modulators. Shocks are from YSS racing suspensions”.

“The steering angle was reduced from the stock 28 deg. to 25.5 deg. Front forks and triple clamps from a ’95 Sport 1100 giving ~100mm trail. Rims are Excel & hubs from a ’76 T3. Tires are Dunlop AM23 “street compound”. Tank & seat from Manel Segarra “Guzzi Motobox”, Terragona, Spain & painted V11 “Tenni” mat finish green. Kombi tach-speedo from Moto Spezial, Germany.The finished unit weighs about 425 lb. with 1/4 tank of fuel. HP is about 80 at the rear wheel at 8000 RPM. This motorcycle is a brute, there is nothing subtle about it. Kinda loud, but in a good way, or as Tom Waits put it, “like the ghost of Gene Krupa with glass-packs”. A true hooligan machine”. If you want to see more Guzzi race bikes check out this impressive compilation put together by George.