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Union Ducati 900ss

Posted on March 9, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer, Racer. 13 comments

Union Motorcycle Classics work out of a remodeled 100 year old dairy barn in Idaho which they describe as “no longer home to lowing bovines, we now attend to the gentle rumblings of a slightly more untamed beast”. Formed by a group of guys who all had different skills but one passion… classic motorcycles. Luke is professionally trained motorcycle mechanic, Bret is the owner of Glass From The Past (GFTP) which manufacture killer looking cafe racer fairings, race seats, fenders and tanks. Mike, Jeff and Andy are all graphic designers who love nothing more than getting their hands greasy on a vintage classic.

The pictured Ducati 900ss is one of their proud creations and we will let them describe this Cinderella story: “Boy meets bike, Boy likes bike, Boy crashes bike. Keep reading. It gets better. From the ashes of its damaged frame, all parts were removed. A one of a kind fiberglass tail section was crafted to work with a sectioned stock frame that was rebuilt from the rear motor mounts back. The proportions of this bike puts one in mind of the Scuderia Spaggiari Ducati and Tony Rutter’s TT2. Once again, a GFTP piece was created just for this rising phoenix from the ashes: a modified 900SS front fairing to accept the headlights and turn signals. The tank is a collaboration of a 900SS tank and a late 80’s 750 Sport. Custom brackets and period race parts complete the package”. In my humble opinion this bike has been transformed from a chunky and dated Italian sports bike into a stylish modern cafe racer. For more images of this bike and others, including a fine Yamaha RD60, visit the well designed Union website.