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Photos: Evolution Motorsports

Posted on March 18, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 4 comments

Had a day off the other day. Sydney. Blue sky. Still warm, but there’s a slight touch of Autumn in the air. What to do? Maybe jump on the bike and cruise down to one of our many beautiful beaches for a swim? No. Grab the wife and kids and pop down to the local park for a picnic and some quality time with the fruit of my loins? Nope. How about jumping in your mum’s crappy Toyota Camry (don’t ask) and driving from one end of the city to the other to hang out with a bunch of guys in a dark, greasy little workshop with a bunch of heavy equipment, some swarf, an old dog, and a dull blue Leyland P-76. Oh, did I mention the numerous cool bikes they had lying around in various states of customisation? God it was cool. Welcome to Evolution Motorsports.

The only disappointment of the day was the lack of any secret projects hiding under tarpaulins in the corner of the shop. And I should know; I lifted them all. In a valiant effort to stop me snooping around his place, Paul McKinnon (Evolution’s head honcho and resident motorcycle guru – bottom right) distracted me with a rather tasty story of a new project he’s about to kick off. I’m sworn to secrecy under threat of blowtorches to the soles of my feet, but I’m going tempt fate by mentioning two words. Supercharger and Panhead Harley WLA engine. Watch this space…

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