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2011 Ton-Up Boys Rockers Ride – Sydney

Posted on November 6, 2011 by Scott in Classic, Other. 21 comments

Some things just don’t go together. Like politics and honesty. Aluminum foil and microwaves. And another one I learnt today – lycra and leather. You see, today in sunny Sydney it was one of the bigger motorcycle rides of the year organised on the same day as one of the biggest cycling events of the year. Both groups travelling the same roads. You can see where this is going, right? Unfortunately the organisers didn’t. Luckily the very eclectic mix of bikers were a patient bunch and no cyclist got hurt – except a couple of plump people pulling hamstrings. So as per usual we encountered a few problems shooting ‘complete’ bikes. Loads of people plus loads of bikes in a small area isn’t the best equation. So before you ask to see more of the actual bikes (not just the art house tank shots) be assured we have a few features coming up of these bikes and more. So for now, enjoy these tasty entrees…