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AGAINST THE GRAIN: The Harrison Award – George Woodman Laverda

Posted on March 5, 2020 by Scott in Board Tracker, Café Racer, Classic. No Comments

Written by Gerald Harrison – The Harrison Collection & Award

Where we choose to call home says a lot about us, hence the warehouse that Sébastien Valliergues calls his own speaks volumes about the man and his passion for wood. Known by the Instagram handle @georgewoodman64, Seb even looks slightly like a fine tree that you might see maturing on a Spanish hillside, maybe an olive tree, his skin has a certain wooden texture and tone to it, but his panache and skill for sculpting the material is anything but wooden. The warehouse is like nothing I have seen before; there is a central  courtyard which is home to a few old bikes sitting on wooden plinths of course, and on each side of this space Seb has built his house, inside this cavernous building.


GENTLEMAN RACER: Honda CB350F Board Tracker by Smith Brother’s

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Written by Martin Hodgson

With almost any style of motorcycle there are different stages of customisation you can go to while still accomplishing a complete build. A race replica doesn’t need a 200hp engine and the very beauty of a cafe racer is only a handful of changes can get the job done. But building a board tracker is the exception, you have to go all-in or not at all. So when Chris Kent and the team at Iowa’s Smith Brother’s Classic Cycles & Customs decided to push their chips to the middle of the table they were committed to doing it once and doing it right. With the help of some of the best in the industry, the result is this beautiful 1973 Honda CB350F board track racer for the road.

BAVARIAN BLUE: BMW R80 by La Motocicletta

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Written by Tim Huber.

Literally Italian for “motorbike”, La Motocicletta is a small shop in Italy that approaches custom building from a different vantage point than most. Massimo, La Motocicletta founder and head honcho, previously spent his days working on prototypes for major manufacturers, so churning out one-off parts and ultra-clean bikes with a factory level finish is what the man is accustom to.


FULL BLOWN. Supercharged Honda CB550 by Popbang Classics

Posted on July 9, 2019 by Scott in Board Tracker, Café Racer, Classic. No Comments

Written by Martin Hodgson | Photography by Kenny Smith

All that glitters is certainly not gold; what was supposed to be a quality custom café racer built by a hot shot from California arrived in Australia a disappointing mess. Some carefully taken photos and a host of hidden problems meant this wasn’t discovered until the CB550 had crossed the Pacific. But Justin Holmes of Australia’s PopBang Classics came to the rescue and every time the owner asked him to up the ante, he delivered. The finished product is a supercharged 1975 Honda Hot Rod that finally has the Hollywood happy ending.


METAL WIZARD. Alonze 600 Special.

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Written by Martin Hodgson.

In the European guild system, the path to becoming a Master Craftsman is a long and laborious task that ensures only the very best in their field rise to the top. The final chapter of the process requires the building of a masterpiece so good the heads of the guild elevate the aspiring journeyman to the ultimate status. Already there in metal fabrication, Jim Alonze has found a way to add industrial design and now carbon fibre creation to his incredible skill set. So, in his downtime at Alonze Custom, Jim has crafted an incredible Ducati Monster 600 that combines the best of modern materials with supreme old school craftsmanship.


Throttle Roll Motorcycle Show 2019

Posted on May 24, 2019 by Scott in Board Tracker, Bobber, Brat, Café Racer, Chopper, Classic, Desert Sled, Event. No Comments

Photography by Nick Fraser.

After a two year hiatus, the Throttle Roll Motorcycle Show was back with a vengeance last weekend, as the sound of rockabilly music and motorcycles reverberated through the back streets of Waterloo, Sydney. This year, Throttle Roll was held in an old paint factory that’s been turned into an ultra-hip creative warehouse space called Commune – and that name and venue is fitting for the show. The definition of a commune is a close-knit community of people who share common interests, and we definitely saw a community of liked minded individuals who came together over their love of custom motorcycles, music, food, beer and just having a bloody good time.


Douglas Board Tracker by Sabotage Motorcycles

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Written by Martin Hodgson | Photos by Nic Walker

Over the years we’ve noticed a common trend here at Pipeburn; some of the best workshops around the globe, large and small, have their origins in friendships formed over a love of motorcycles. Australia’s Sabotage Motorcycles is one such story, it began in the car park of a hardware store when two men met on their ’70s Honda’s and have gone on to produce some show stopping custom rides. Now they’re back with a truly unique creation, artistically formed by the pairs talented hands and lucid imaginations. It’s a 1926 Douglas EW with power from a little engine by the big H, to deliver one beautiful board tracker.


DOPE DIRIGIBLE. Kacerwagen’s ‘Zeppelina V72’ Board Tracker

Posted on March 14, 2019 by Andrew in Board Tracker, Classic, Racer. No Comments

Over recent years with TV shows like Harley and the Davidsons and Sons of Speed, along with the input of America’s best builders, the board tracker is back with a vengeance. But what do you do when finding an Indian in a barn is as likely as finding gold at the end of a rainbow? You make one from scratch…


LIGHT AND SHADOW. BarnBuiltBikes’ Svelte Honda VT600 Boardtracker

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BarnBuiltBikes are a working man’s motorcycle shop. They repair and service every kind of marque imaginable. From scooters to classic motorcycles, the three man team of Derek, Bart and Sven keep all sorts of oddities on the road in their native Belgium. But every few months they turn out a tidy little custom ride…


REBUILT LIKE A GUN. Lembinc’s ‘The Varial’ Royal Enfield Bullet Boardtracker

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One of the best things about running a motorcycle blog are the friends that we make around the world. We’re on solid beer-drinking terms with builders in the US, across Europe and Australasia. But the guys that we really love are the mad buggers from Indonesia, like the team from Lembinc…