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Desert Sled

INTO THE WILD: BMW R100GS by Woidwerk

Posted on March 13, 2020 by Scott in Classic, Desert Sled, Tracker. No Comments

Written by Martin Hodgson

To say that the BMW R series range of motorcycles has become a huge hit in the custom scene is the mother of all understatements. Even the conservative big Bavarian caught on, releasing the R nineT five years ago and has the bruising R18 on the way. But aside from a cult following, the rest of the world has only ever appreciated the R series without falling totally in love. Not so in Germany, for the best part of 100 years the flat twins have been the number one machine. And to prove their passion runs deep, a customer approached Woidwerk for not one but two custom R bikes. This is the tale of the R100GS that emerged, no longer a big tourer but a sleek scrambler with plenty of custom style!


CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: Yamaha TW125 by ND Motociclette

Posted on March 9, 2020 by Scott in Desert Sled. No Comments

Written by Martin Hodgson

If you hang around a custom bike shop long enough to sit through a morning tea break or after hours for a beer, then you’ll hear all sorts of crazy ideas get thrown around. Most are mere fantasies about things nobody within a stone’s throw has the budget to pull off, but every now and then a little slice of genius or something that would be a hoot enters the conversation. A regular customer of Italy’s Nico Dragoni Motociclette was in the workshop when the topic of his little beach basher, a Yamaha TW125, came up. The idea was to turn it into a tribute to the Californian custom culture, and the light-hearted banter turned into one hell of a cool little build.


DESERT RAT: Harley-Davidson XL1200 Scrambler by Pittsburgh Moto

Posted on January 29, 2020 by Scott in Desert Sled, Scrambler. No Comments

Words by the builder Kurt Diserio | Photos by Alexa Diserio

When you think of a scrambler motorcycle, the last thing that probably comes to mind is a Harley-Davidson. With Triumph and Ducati both using the term as the name of two popular current models, it can be a little confusing these days what “scrambler” actually means. Although, a quick search through internet land proves that the label has always been somewhat complicated. Let’s jump into the background of this unique style and the reason I went in this direction after acquiring a totalled 2015 Sportster XL1200.


SINGLE MINDED: Honda NX650 Dominator by KoolT Creations

Posted on January 27, 2020 by Scott in Desert Sled, Scrambler. No Comments

Written by Martin Hodgson

It wasn’t so long ago that walking into a motorcycle dealership with a handful of cash, large or small, was not only your ticket to fun and freedom but also a healthy dose of antisocial behaviour that put a smile on your dial. Whether that was sticking your new ride sideways into a corner, spinning the back tyre or popping a wheelie, it was all just a twist of the throttle away. Try that on most new bikes and a cornucopia of flashing lights on the dash will tell you, ‘computer says no’. So to get back to the simple joys of life on two wheels, Stefan Lantschner of Koolt Creations, loves nothing more than turning lightweight singles like this Honda Dominator into uninhibited pleasure machines.


FABULOUS FABRICATION: KTM 950 SMR ‘Bullet’ by Fabman Creations

Posted on November 27, 2019 by Scott in Desert Sled. No Comments

When building a new project, inspiration can come from many places. For Wayne Buys of Fabman Creations in South Africa, his main form of inspiration came from the aesthetically pleasing RSD’s KTM 450 Desert Sled from a few years ago. That RSD KTM was built to celebrate the movie On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter. As a fan of Steve McQueen and the original movie “On Any Sunday” Wayne wanted to pay tribute to his love of off-road motorcycling by building his take on a modern KTM and aptly naming it ‘Bullet’.


BADLANDS BAVARIAN: BMW R100R ‘Rogue’ by Side Rock Cycles

Posted on November 22, 2019 by Scott in Desert Sled, Scrambler. No Comments

Written by Tim Huber

Building one-off motorcycles for customers requires a bit of a delicate balancing act: the shop has to adhere to the wants, needs, and personal tastes of the client, while also aligning with the builder’s style, abilities, and overall ethos. Juggling these elements can be a headache, though sometimes, things come together wonderfully, with a design and theme that jives well with both the builder of the bike, the characteristics of the donor, and the customer who commissioned it. And that’s very much the case with Side Rock Cycles’ latest work, entitled “Rogue”.


ROUGH DIAMOND: BMW R100GS by Diamond Atelier

Posted on November 15, 2019 by Scott in Adventure, Desert Sled, Enduro, Scrambler. No Comments

Written by Tim Huber.

When Diamond Atelier first burst onto the scene in 2013 with its inaugural BMW R80 project, it was abundantly clear that the two 20-something-year-old German builders possessed a near-prodigious level of talent and skill when it came to customizing motorcycles. And while the world-renowned shop has stepped out of the limelight for the majority of 2019, that doesn’t mean major moves weren’t happening behind closed doors. 


OFF THE CHAIN: Yamaha TR1 ‘Django’ by Remastered Cycle

Posted on November 12, 2019 by Scott in Desert Sled, Scrambler. No Comments

Written by Martin Hodgson

In the proud city of Brescia, Italy, they’ve long valued innovation and tradition in everything they do. It is the home of motorcycling God Giacomo Agostini and firearms producer Beretta, so you can imagine they didn’t take it lying down when the Italian GP was moved from their city. Instead, they came up with the grueling Mille Miglia and like everything in the Lombardy region they do it their own way. So when searching for a workshop to breathe life back into his long-deceased Yamaha TR1, Alessandro Gallina stayed local and selected Remastered Cycle to build him a street scrambler that’s off the chain, appropriately called Django.



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Honda CB4X Concept

Designed by Honda’s European R&D team lead by Valerio Aiello, the CB4X is Big Red’s latest CBR650F-based concept bike. The 4X boasts a sharp futuristic design with a one-piece tank and front-fairing unit with wing-esque protrusions just above the radiator, and a host of LED lights tucked beneath the nose, resulting in a smooth form somewhat reminiscent of race bodywork. The front of the bike also sports aggressive looking hand guards, an adjustable windscreen, Ohlins forks, and a dual disc Brembo brake setup.


TOUGH PROPOSITION: Royal Enfield Himalayan by Julian Palapa

Posted on October 15, 2019 by Scott in Desert Sled, Scrambler. No Comments

Written by Martin Hodgson

For the past few years motorcycle manufacturers have embraced custom builders and through various competitions have had them give a new look to their latest releases. But even a good idea can start to grow stale and rather than stick to the well-worn path, Indonesia’s Royal Enfield importer turned to a fresh pair of eyes. The result is a RE Himalayan designed and executed by leading architect Julian Palapa; ready to rip up the jammed roads of Jakarta, it’s called .02View.