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Halcyon Goggles

Posted on November 24, 2009 by Scott in Other. 7 comments

Halcyon Goggles were made famous by WWII fighter pilots in the 1940’s but it was the cafe racer culture that brought them back in the 1950’s and 60’s. There’s something really special and nostalgic about Halcyon Goggles. It may be that in this disposable world where everything is being manufactured in mass quantities in China it’s reassuring to know that Halcyon frames are still being made in Britian from brass, and plated in chrome. They are the quintessential classic goggle with over 70 years of history and adventure in every pair. You know that saying ‘It’s never been a better time to buy’, there seriously hasn’t been a better time to buy these goggles. With the British pound sterling taking a beating in this tough economic climate these goggles are now better value than ever. You can order them straight from Halcyon … Read More »


Deus 4th Birthday

Posted on November 19, 2009 by Scott in Other. No Comments

Just a reminder to everyone in Sydney on Saturday 21st November. Deus is having their 4th birthday celebrations with ‘six hours of motorcyclism madness’ at the Camperdown store. Sounds like a great day including Charley Boorman from Long Way Down signing his latest book, motorcycle swap meet and if you are lucky enough to own a Deus bike bring it along to be judged by Charley. There will be loads more surprises so get on your bike and get down there. [Love the design of this flyer].


Wrench Monkee Auction

Posted on November 19, 2009 by Scott in Other. 1 Comment

The Wrench Monkees are auctioning off two of their amazing motorcycles on the auction site Lauritz. Gorilla Punch (pictured) is probably the most famous, being posted this year on more sites than Paris Hilton’s private parts. Although unlike Paris, this Honda CB750 Four is sexy, clean and has hardly been ridden. The other Monkee bike up for auction is Monkee #7 the Harley Sportster XLCH with that unforgettable Husqvarna CR tank. You have until November 25 to use the cash stashed under your mattress that you took out of the bank during the credit crunch. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


2010 SR400

Posted on November 18, 2009 by Scott in Other. 7 comments

We just received some photos of the 2010 SR400 from Japan. That’s right, Yamaha have decided to continue the ever popular SR model. Let’s face it, they would be crazy to stop production of this classic based on the sales in Japan alone. Especially with a revival in retro, classic and cafe racer bikes around the world we think the 2010 SR will do Yamaha proud. The main difference between the previous SR’s that have almost been unchanged for 30 years and the new 2010 SR400 is the addition of fuel injection, which will reduce it’s previous high fuel emissions that stopped it being imported into many countries. This is great news for SR fans like ourselves and we look forward to seeing more of these beautiful bikes on the road (in whatever form).


Honda CB950

Posted on November 17, 2009 by Scott in Other. 1 Comment

Before you get too excited (like I did) this is only a 1/8 die cast model. Made by the French model making company Heller, it’s a replica of the Japauto Honda CB750 bike that had a 969 cm3 racing kit thus making it a Honda CB950. You can find the model and more pics of this beautiful Cafe Racer at the Japanese model shop named Kim’s House or if you want the real thing it could be the perfect project for someone who has a CB750. Just make sure you send us some pics when completed.


Art of Rebellion

Posted on November 7, 2009 by Scott in Other. No Comments

Steve Stone is a freelance photographer and owner of Blacklist Photography. He shoots a range of subjects from fashion, snowboarding and lots of motorcycles (which is why we are talking about him). He was recently one of ten artist hand picked to show their work at The Harley-Davidson Art of Rebellion show in L.A and NYC. Steve says he enjoys “making rad images, and then spending his money on more motorcycles”. We really dig Steve’s striking images and you can find Steve and his latest images on the Blacklist Blog.


Mike Doohan sells safety

Posted on November 2, 2009 by Scott in Other. 7 comments

Just days after the launch of the Victorian motorcycle campaign the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia has embarked on a new approach to encourage motorcyclists to ride safely. The new campaign, created by Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, utilises Moto GP racing footage and demonstrates the real dangers riders face on the road due to roadside obstacles. As opposed to the previous campaign we featured the other day that has been upsetting many riders from around the world, we believe this one is money well spent. Not only does the footage make you stop and think, but using Mick Doohan is a stroke of genius. He’s an Australian legend and also a major role model to most of the target audience. Will this commercial change the speeding habits of riders and in turn save lives? We hope so, what do you think? Please … Read More »


Australian Motorcycle Commerical

Posted on October 28, 2009 by Scott in Other. 18 comments

This beautifully shot commerical by director Lance Kelleher at Curious Films is causing a lot of debate on motorcycle forums Down Under. The main problem is riders think that this commercial makes us look like a bunch of idiots. Lots of us ride dangerously at times but should we all be made to look like reckless morons? We would love to know what you think. Do you think this ad would work in Europe or America? Would it change the way you ride? Or are they offending the target audience?  Please leave your comments below.


India on an Enfield

Posted on October 22, 2009 by Scott in Other. 3 comments

Simon Lister is a sound engineer by trade but has a passion for photography and riding motorcycles to places only a handful of adventurers would dare to venture. He has ridden Royal Enfield’s through Rajasthan in northern India and has recently returned home from the Himalayas traversing some of the tallest passes in existence. We love how Lister describes riding in India… “When you’re on the motorbike, the adrenaline is running the whole time. You see amazing things on the road, especially in India. You see funerals, people on the roads, thousands of trucks, elephants, camels, dogs, dead dogs, dogs eating dead dogs, cattle, what you smell, what you see, what you taste, everything. It’s an explosion of all your senses.” You can view his beautiful collection of photographs on Simon Lister Photography. [If you want to do a trip on a Royal Enfield around India visit Venture on Wheels and they will organize an adventure of a lifetime].


Steve McQueen Replica Helmet

Posted on October 20, 2009 by Scott in Classic, Other. 2 comments

Everyone seems to be riding on the Steve McQueen gravy train these days. Why wouldn’t they, his name sells better than sex does. Now Bell have released a replica of the helmet worn by the US Team in the 1964 ISDT (International Six-Day Trial) and the most famous member of this team was ‘The King of Cool’. These classic Jet helmets are individually hand painted to order which explains the price tag of over $A600 (which is still a lot cheaper than a Ruby Atelier). They can be purchased through the english store Grand Prix Legends.