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MOTO PHOTOS. 2017 Throttle Roll Street Party, Sydney

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Andrew in Event. 13 comments

The Throttle Roll bike show and street party marked its fifth birthday in 2017, and it patently obvious that the show’s still got a full head of steam behind it. It had more of everything this year: better bikes, better food, better vibes and pretty much the perfect weather. It’s embarrassing to admit it, but having covered the show like clockwork for the past four years, we’re now running out of superlatives to praise the damn thing. So let’s just say that without a doubt, this show is again the best bike-related gig in Australia.


Throttle Roll 2016

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Andrew in Event. 25 comments


Close your eyes and think of the last bike show you went to. Can’t read the blog now, can you? OK, bad idea… but stay with me. Bike shows should be the stuff that dreams are made of, right? I mean, what could be better than a whole bunch of sweet metal all in the one spot? Well, if your experience of bike shows is anything like mine, you’ll understand when I say that in my humble opinion, they aren’t all they could be. Except for one…


Throttle Roll 2015

Posted on May 14, 2015 by Scott in Bobber, Brat, Café Racer, Classic, Event. 8 comments


Words Pete Cagnacci | Photos by MyMediaSydney

The growing juggernaut that is Throttle Roll was on again for it’s 3rd year, along with it’s sacred mantra; amalgamate Sydney’s colourful bike community and showcase it’s unique builds. Music, food and booze are of course essentials in this holy event.

The day starts early, with 300+ riders meeting up at Harry’s café De Wheels. Coffee was being poured down throats as everyone poured over each other’s bikes. The excitement for the day was high and it was time for the ride. The crew headed off south to the Royal National Park, with more riders joining on the way. Soon the group swelled to 500+ bikes. There was now a mass of exhaust and a thunderous roar heading down the Sea Cliff Bridge. It’s always a tough task keeping together such a large number of bikes, often peeling off into several groups, but there’s a ride leader, markers, tail gunners and support vehicles. The battalion of bikes all gathered at Bald Hill car park, soaking up the sun before making the pilgrimage back up to Enmore for the main event. Park up, drink up, and party.


Throttle Roll Video & Wrap Up

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Scott in Video. 14 comments

Written by Mark Hawwa, Throttle Roll creator. 

Throttle Roll wrapped up around 2 months ago and if any of you have ever been to an awesome party or an amazing holiday, the return to normal life goes two ways. You either curl up on the lounge depressed wanting to go back or you buzz. You typically buzz for a couple days and enthusiastically wait for the next time you can enjoy yourself that much again. Its been 8 weeks. I’m still buzzing.

What makes me buzz? It’s the fact that I can bring 6000 people together for an event that focuses on niche motorcycles. The fact that those people can come down to an event from close and afar that contains all walks of life, all ages, all colours of hipster and they get along like a house on fire with added avgas.


Photos: Silverwater Street and Custom Bike Show

Posted on March 13, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 15 comments

Ahhh – Sydney’s beautiful Silverwater! Well known across this wide, brown land for it’s wonderful gaol, the Silverwater bike show, and… um. Did I mention the prison? I popped along yesterday with my trusty Nikon in hand to see what I could see. And what I saw was mostly Harley choppers covered in skulls, fire, and billet. Having braved hellish traffic on Parramatta Road only to arrive 20 minutes before the gates closed I was more than a little pissed off. Then like a bolt from the blue I stumbled across the fine gentlemen of the BSA Club of New South Wales and all was saved. Not only were they friendly and ready for a chat, but the bikes they were sporting were as beautiful and cool as they were collectable.


C.E.M.C.C. Annual Show Day, 2010

Posted on September 30, 2010 by Andrew in Classic, Other. 7 comments

I took a little time out last Sunday to check out the Classic & Enthusiast Motorcycle Club annual show day at the Cooper Street Reserve in Engadine about 40 kms south of Sydney.

I dragged my trusty camera along to get some photos. It reminded me of how damn hard it is to get decent shots at bike shows. Way too many people and bikes all jammed way too close together. Solution? Shoot details or shoot upwards. I hope you like the results.

PS. Any C.E.M.C.C. members or friends who’d like to have their bikes featured on Pipeburn, please feel free to get in touch.