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Boneyard Customs’ ’74 Yamaha TD250

Posted on January 28, 2013 by Andrew in Brat. 56 comments

Adelaide gets a bit of a bum rap as far as Australian states go. Ever since a really disturbing sequence of events took place there in the ’90s, it’s been referred to by fellow countrymen as Australia’s ‘mass murder capital’. And the label isn’t without warrant, as the stats show that South Australians are much more likely to end up becoming a bunch of bones buried in a backyard than the rest of the country. Enter a guy called Heath, someone who is, we’re glad to say, quite the opposite. He’s called his shop ‘Boneyard Customs’ as he likes to resurrect old, scrap bikes from the dead and turn them back into living, breathing, roaring rides. Which is just what’s happened to the bike you see here. We’re sure you’ll agree when we say it’s a killer too, just not in the serial sort of way.