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Brown Sugar

1973 Honda CB 250 “Brown Sugar”

Posted on August 14, 2012 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 76 comments

When it comes to motorcycles, $300 doesn’t get you much these days – especially down here in Australia. For 300 clams you’re lucky to get a set of new tires. But sometimes you get lucky. When I say “you” I’m referring to Simon Whittaker who managed to buy two old ‘70s Honda CB 250s for the princely sum of $300 for the pair. He is probably going to hell for pretty much stealing them off an old lady, but looking at the finished project I think it might be worth it (not that Pipeburn condones anyone stealing motorbikes off old ladies, old men is fine). Anyway, meet the very sweet little café racer they call Brown Sugar…