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Buyer’s Guide

The Paul d’Orléans Vintage Bike Buyer’s Guide

Posted on May 25, 2011 by Andrew in Classic, Other. 24 comments

A 1952 BSA B33 “BSL 518” – great to own, hard to pronounce. Photo by Frank Hilton

Ever thought about buying a vintage bike. Of course you have! You know you want to. Hell, who doesn’t? In my perfect world (or mind), a character test, job interview, police interrogation, or court hearing would all involve the same simple question – “do you now, have you ever, or will you at some point in the future own a vintage motorcycle?” “Yes,” you say? Well, you’ve got the job/passed the test/are a free man despite the seemingly insurmountable evidence involving the hookers, jumping castle, and those fluorescent rubber clown masks.

But let’s cut to the chase. You’re afraid to own one, aren’t you? AFRAID! Like a big baby, you are! Oh look at you with your cool 80s motorbike and your iPhone and your streaming movies on demand! You are soft, is what you are. Spoilt by too many modern conveniences. What you need is to get back to you roots – to get your hands dirty and to connect, really connect, with what it means to be alive and free. Paul d’Orléans knows exactly what it’s like to be a real man. Hell, he’s got more man in his little finger than most of you have in your entire, pudgy, mobility-scooter-bound bodies. He’s not afraid; he’s got a ton of them. Hundreds! So us big babies here at Pipeburn decided to ask Paul how we could man-the-hell-up and get ourselves a vintage bike without all the pain, breakdowns and wasted time. God, we’re soft.