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RAD RETRO REMAKE: Honda CBX750 by AMP Motorcycles

Posted on March 24, 2020 by Scott in Classic, Racer. No Comments

Written by Martin Hodgson

From Mr. T’s haircut to the DeLorean, shoulder pads and the Rubik’s Cube, everything that was popular in the ’80s seemed to have square edges. Add the fashion, some of that god awful synthesiser music and boy is it a decade that leaves a lot to be desired. The motorcycles were much the same, the British had collapsed, the two-strokes were all but gone and the superbike was yet to fully ripen. But now emerging from left field as the prices drop to temptingly low amounts, are good candidates for a custom makeover. Germany’s AMP Motorcycles has taken once such example, the Honda CBX750 and hit it out of the park with this remarkable retro remake.


PROJECT TALOS: Honda CBX750 by Spitfire Speed Shop

Posted on February 12, 2020 by Scott in Café Racer. No Comments

Written by Martin Hodgson

You see them advertised all the time, usually on eBay, a project that is 95% complete according to the seller and just needs a couple of things to finish. Often they’ll even go so far as to claim just how much it’ll be worth upon completion and highlight the bargain you’ll be getting. But rarely is it true, 95% complete without any mention of all the real problems that prevented them from finishing the build in the first place. So when a bike with a similar tale arrived at the UK’s Spitfire Speed Shop, they decided to do it all properly this time around to create a stunning Honda CBX750 called Talos.


AXIS OF GLEEFUL. A Honda CBX750 Cafe Racer From X-Axis

Posted on September 5, 2018 by Andrew in Café Racer, Classic, Racer. No Comments

Most people reading this story wouldn’t think twice about choosing a CB over a CBX. Hell, I’d probably do the same. But nothing much ever happens when you stay in the middle of the road, right? So with this though in mind, England’s X-Axis chose the dark side…


Honda CBX750 – Kerkus Cycles

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Andrew in Café Racer. 18 comments


There are certain motorcycles of yesteryear that have failed to break through into the new custom culture; some for very good reasons, but others like the Honda CBX750 seem to have been over looked for no good reason at all, well no longer. Kerkus Cycles from Kuala Lumpur have taken the popular police bike in Malaysia and turned out some amazing customs, this time around it’s a Classic Ducati inspired machine for a customer who loves his Hondas.