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Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat

Posted on November 19, 2012 by Scott in Bobber. 34 comments

By guest writer Ian Lee.

The Bonneville salt flats are a magical place. A sprawling wasteland that comes alive at different points during the year, with the sound of silence overcome by hard revving engines, and the ghosts of legends who have been there before. The whole nature of the place pushes bike (and car and truck) builders to the the edge of their engineering limits, and it takes some skills to come out on top. Confederate Motorcycles are one firm who have what it takes. After taking their X132 Hellcat Combat to 177.211 miles an hour on the flats, they have taken the landspeed record for the fastest big block V-twin ever. It’s an achievement that is 21 years in the making, through natural disaster and multiple learning experiences, but it sure is worth it.


Confederate P120 Fighter – Black Flag

Posted on July 17, 2010 by Scott in Bobber. 19 comments

Confederate Motorcycles have released these stunning new photographs of their P120 Black Flag Limited Edition. These photos are likely to spread across the internet faster than the bike itself. The Black Flag is built using all-black carbon and aircraft-grade aluminum monocoque backbone chassis. Some other features include carbon ceramic brakes, carbon wheels, fully adjustable suspension and a hand-built close-ratio five-speed gearbox. It’s powered by the same 160hp V-twin engine from the original P120 Fighter. Only 13 will be made and their is only 9 available for purchase – so hurry if you want one. But be warned, you may need to remortgage your house because the price is expected to be close to six figures. Check out the full spec list on the Confederate site.


Confederate Motor Company

Posted on June 13, 2009 by Scott in Bobber. 2 comments

Confederate are a really special company producing some of the most advanced motorcycles in the world. They limit the production of these bikes so are priced very high. But as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’.

The pictured bike is their Limited Edition (only 45 made) C120 Renaissance Fighter. I have to say it looks less ‘renaissance’ and definitely more ‘fighter. It packs 190 mph of performance into its cutting edge carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum chassis. There’s the 64″ wheelbase, 27″H seat, integrated braking system, lots of high-tech bells and whistles that you would expect for $110,000. Hit this vid if you want to see more.