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Imaginary Garage

Imaginary Garage – 2011 Kawasaki W800

Posted on July 2, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 46 comments

It’s been a while since our last Imaginary Garage, and in that time we’ve had more than our fare share of smack talk in the comments sections of our beloved blog. It seems that everyone seems to know best, and everyone seems to have the world’s best taste in customs. But let’s face it, it’s easy to talk the talk, but can you all walk the walk? What’s that? You can? Well, here’s you chance to damn well prove it! As you’ve probably noticed, above we have ourselves one brand splonking new 2011 Kawasaki W800, a sweet bike that were lucky enough to review recently. We’ve done a few dream bikes lately, but for a change we thought we try a more realistic bike this time around. So now it’s up to you lot to take a modern classic and make it, well, classic-er. And kick ass-er as well.


Imaginary Garage Sacrilege Edition: 1925 Brough Superior Drag Bike

Posted on March 28, 2011 by Andrew in Café Racer, Classic. 30 comments

Hey Mister d’Orleans, how you like THEM apples? (Click for larger version)

I had the weirdest dream last night. At least I think it was a dream. I looked down to the end of my bed and saw a very well dressed gentleman sitting in my chair, smoking a pipe. “Mr Jones, I presume.” he enunciated. I nodded slowly, still not sure what exactly what was happening. “My name is Brough. George Brough. I have but two things to say to you, Mr Jones. Firstly, I’d like you to know that I think you are a cad, a scally wag and a imbecile.” There was a pause. He looked at me with a face that betrayed some kind of irrational rage deep inside. I wondered what I possibly could have done to piss him off so badly. “And the second?” I asked, cautiously. With barely a blink of the eye he stood up, rolled up the sleeve to his crisp white linen shirt, and punched me square in the face with a superb English Private School right hook.


Imaginary Garage Sacrilege Edition: 1925 Brough Superior SS-100

Posted on March 19, 2011 by Andrew in Classic, Other. 36 comments

“A hand-crafted masterpiece.” “Superlative in every single respect.” “A pinnacle of design unlikely to ever be equaled again.” These are just some of the amazing things that have been said about my sweet Photoshop skills. But coincidently, they have also been used to described the world’s ultimate collectable motorbike, the Brough Superior SS-100. Pronounced “bruff” for the uninitiated, they wore that final part of their moniker because every single example was tested by factory riders to 100 mph before it left the Nottingham factory.

And if that doesn’t impress you, how about the fact that each bike was not only a bespoke build, but they were all assembled twice – the first to check fit and tolerances, and the second after all the components had be plated, painted, or otherwise finished. It’s also known as the first custom motorcycle, as all the components were sourced from separate suppliers that were chosen for their individual expertise in their respective fields. “How much?” I hear you ask. Barely more than 5 months ago a pristine example of a 1929 SS-100 was sold at the Haynes International Motor Museum Auction in the UK for £286,000/US$463,000. Gag. So let’s cut one up, shall we?


Imaginary Garage IV – 2011 KTM 450 SX-F Salt Flat Racer

Posted on January 26, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 16 comments

Thrusty demons of desert. Anyone from KTM reading this?

It wasn’t until the morning of the fifth day that we emerged from the dark, twisted forest and onto the salt plain. At first it looked like another planet; or more accurately a planet made of light. It took many minutes for our eyes to adjust to the flooding glare – not helped by the fact that neither of us had food, water or sleep for the entire time. I saw it first. Norman (aka “Sgeechee”) was still surveying the surreal landscape when I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. It was the same bike we had ridden here on all those days ago, but only just. You’d be forgiven for not recognising it as it was really only the colours that were the same. The rest? Well… it was lower; MUCH lower. And faired. The lightness and tippy-toe stance of the old bike was gone, replaced with a bad-ass single-minded focus that was screaming “speed” like a million wailing megaphones laid end-to-end. We both grinned like idiots and instantly forgot the epic struggle of the last few days. Like ancient heroes we had dreamt a fantastical dream and made it real. We were gods. Motorcycling gods.


Imaginary Garage IV – 2011 KTM 450 SX-F

Posted on January 19, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 55 comments

Numero quattro in the Imaginary Garage series is upon us, and just to make sure you guys aren’t getting complacent we thought we’d throw you a bit of a curve ball this time. As you can see, it’s a bright orange KTM 450 SX-F Motorcross bike. Last time we took a Bonneville and made it a dirt monster, this time we thought we’d start with a dirt monster and see just what happens.

So how’s it going to work? There’s going to be one round of suggestions as to how we will customise the KTM and all submissions will be done via comments below. We then choose the winner, make the mods, and post the results. This time the winner gets a brand new pair of Icon gloves of your choosing worth up to $145 North American Pesos. Hell yes!

If you aren’t sure exactly what to write, just pop back to the previous competition and take a peek. Study the winning entry closely; it’s the very first one in the comments section. We’re looking for creative, original, clear ideas. The more interesting the ideas, the more likely they are to win; if we can make a Triumph hill climber look that good, then the sky’s the limit.

You have 48 hours to get your ideas posted before we close submissions, so get them in ASAP. Please leave a valid email address so we can contact the winner.

Reaaaady? GO.


Imaginary Garage – 2010 Triumph “Bonnehille”

Posted on December 2, 2010 by Andrew in Other. 20 comments

“No.69 – who knows when she’ll flip over?”

Readers, meet Miss BonnehilleI’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes try to come up with something to say about this bike. Unfortunately I just keep on coming back to the same thought. Wow. What more can I say? I can’t stop looking at it. This is a bike that could easily take the top spot at a major bike show and it’s been brought to life by two guys who live on different continents and have never even met each other. All praise to the interwebs!

Shout-outs: massive thanks to Max for the genius original idea and Charles for the beautiful finishing touches; and thanks again for putting up with me. Please enjoy the tees. Also, thanks to all the readers who took the time to make a submission – there were some amazing ideas in there and I’m genuinely sorry we couldn’t try out some more.


Imaginary Garage – 2010 Triumph Bonneville

Posted on November 29, 2010 by Andrew in Other. 45 comments

Aww yeah biatches – it’s time for the third round of Imaginary Garage, and this time it’s your turn. As you can see, our starting point is a new 2010 Triumph Bonneville. Sweet, huh? So what’s the hold-up? Let’s light up the blow torches and get medieval on it’s ass!

So how is this going to work? OK, there’s going to be two rounds of suggestions as to how we will modify the Bonnie and all submissions will be done via comments below. Round 1 will be the big stuff; tires, wheels, tank, seat, and exhaust etc. What we’re after is something like “I think we should make it into an X style of bike with Y style tires, Z type and colour of wheels etc.” In a way we’re your local shop and you’re briefing us to build this bike for you, so obviously “make a cafe racer with a cool tank” won’t do it. We’re looking for creative, original, clear ideas. No essays, please. We choose the winner, make the mods, and post the results. The winner gets a brand new Pipeburn King Kong tee worth $30.

Round 2 will be all about the tweaks; paint colours, adding or removing chrome, ride height, decals, handle bars and generally perfecting the look of the thing. Same deal as the first round; submissions via the comments section and be detailed. Again, we choose the best entry, make the mods, post the results and announce the winner. Prize for this round is your choice of any other tee in the Pipeburn shop.

You have 48 hours to get your ideas posted before we close round 1 so get them in ASAP. Leave a valid email address so we can contact the winners. I’ll update the article to let you all know where we are in the scheme of things.

And lastly, please remember that this is a bit of an experiment so please be patient. Now get to it!


Imaginary Garage – 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 Bobber (updated)

Posted on October 11, 2010 by Andrew in Bobber, Other. 27 comments

After the first Imaginary Garage got such a good response, I thought I’d give it another go. For the record, I really love doing this kind of photoshopping. It’s like building your dream bike without getting your hands dirty, or spending any money. Perfect for a big girl’s blouse like me, so expect lots more.


Imaginary Garage – 1929 Norton Café Racer

Posted on September 13, 2010 by Andrew in Classic, Other. 18 comments

If you’re anything like me, the bikes you lust after tend to go through phases. My current obsession is English bikes from the 20s and 30s so I’ve been doing a lot of thumbing through Google images and drooling over various Matchless, AJS, and Vincent collectibles from the era. Yesterday I found myself daydreaming about customising something from this era, but shrugged it off as pointless – like tweaking a Jean-Michel Basquiat or re-recording a Joy Division album.