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AGAINST THE GRAIN: The Harrison Award – George Woodman Laverda

Posted on March 5, 2020 by Scott in Board Tracker, Café Racer, Classic. No Comments

Written by Gerald Harrison – The Harrison Collection & Award

Where we choose to call home says a lot about us, hence the warehouse that Sébastien Valliergues calls his own speaks volumes about the man and his passion for wood. Known by the Instagram handle @georgewoodman64, Seb even looks slightly like a fine tree that you might see maturing on a Spanish hillside, maybe an olive tree, his skin has a certain wooden texture and tone to it, but his panache and skill for sculpting the material is anything but wooden. The warehouse is like nothing I have seen before; there is a central  courtyard which is home to a few old bikes sitting on wooden plinths of course, and on each side of this space Seb has built his house, inside this cavernous building.


MISTYCUFFS. 2topia’s Wild Laverda Ghost Strike 668 Restomod

Posted on January 23, 2019 by Andrew in Racer, Restomod. No Comments

I won’t lie. The first thing I did for this story was hit up the Google oracle and ask the god of the internet, “What the hell is a Laverda Ghost Strike 668?” An esoteric model, even amongst its quaint Italian brethren, the bike was seemingly named after a Steven Seagal movie…