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Old Empire Motorcycles

‘The Delivery’ by Old Empire Motorcycles

Posted on November 21, 2013 by Scott in Video. 16 comments

A few months back we featured Old Empire Motorcycles stunning Royal Enfield Bullet which received much praise from you guys. This time they have sent us a little film they made about delivering a Honda CB250 Superdream they call ‘The Hunter’ to one of their friends and customers. The journey starts in Suffolk, England – where their workshop is based – and then follows them as they travel over 1000 miles, eventually arriving in the south of France and surprising their friend.

Apart from the fact it has been shot well and has an engaging story, the thing I love is the honesty of the video. The fact that they left in the ‘uncool’ bits, like not being able to do up the helmet properly (which I’m guessing was given to them by Ruby for the film). Plus also showing the bike breaking down on its first ride – which is completely normal but they could have easily left it out. I’m glad they didn’t. Everyone loves a road trip, and this little film has made me want to go on one, real bad.


‘80 Honda CB250 – Old Empire Motorcycles

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Andrew in Bobber, Brat. 17 comments

A quick stroke of the drafting pencil. That’s all it took. Some poor, overworked Japanese designer probably thought he’d had a pretty good day at work. And he had – but for that one fateful decision. It was, after all, the 80s. Plastic was all the rage. Could one little modification to the bottom edge of a gas tank really mean all that much? The answer, with 30 years hindsight, is a resounding ‘yes’. That design feature and it’s total inability to exist independently from that ugly plastic sidecover has caused so much grief for modern builders that the guy is probably living in hiding. But we forgive you, designer-san. We forgive you because of builders like Alec and the team at Old Empire Motorcycles. Their deft hands have taken your tank and done this with it. Come back. All is forgiven.


Royal Enfield Bullet – Old Empire Motorcycles

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Andrew in Bobber, Classic. 29 comments

Here’s a little piece of motorcycling trivia for you. Do you know why riders in the ’40s and ’50s ended up wearing flying jackets and aviator goggles? Give up? It’s because many of the English and American guys who’d flown planes in WWII took up motorcycling as something to do after the war was over. It not only put a little thrill into their comparatively dull civilian lives, but forming clubs that met and rode regularly was a good way to stay in touch with airforce buddies. So in many ways, the biking culture that we all enjoy today was a product of bored flyboys. And what better way to acknowledge this than to build a bike that’s a lot more khaki canteen than it is café. Here’s the ‘Fox’, Old Empire Motorcycles’ latest build.