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Review – Pagnol ‘M2’ Jacket

Posted on December 9, 2015 by Andrew in Review. 19 comments

Go on, admit it. For all the lip service you give to motorcycles themselves, there’s something else about the whole two-wheeled, internal combustion she-bang that is pretty damn cool. Something that has pretty much nothing to do with speed, metal or gasoline. What is it? It’s the gear. The get-up. The threads, man. And as cool as it is to rock up to your local café, bar or pub on your Silver Dream Racer, it’s all for nought it you saunter through the front door looking like a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger or John Travolta in Wild Hogs. The key to staying safe and looking like Steve McQueen? It’s a sweet leather jacket, dummy. And here’s one from California’s Pagnol Moto that looks like it fits the bill perfectly. But how does it stack up once you’ve dropped the coin and taken the thing home? Glad you asked…