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Triumph Legend TT – Mr Martini

Posted on January 24, 2013 by Scott in Café Racer. 39 comments

By guest writer Ian Lee.

Some people tend to believe art and utility cannot mix. This is not more evident anywhere than in the commenters’ section on custom motorcycle blogs. Commenters argue that although the feature bike looks amazing, it would never survive on the open road. To these types, once a bike becomes an art piece it’s function goes out the window. Damn those commenters though, for they have not seen this feature bike. I present to you exhibit A in my argument that form and function can live happily side by side, Jerolamo, a Triumph TT café racer built by Mr Martini of Verona.


1930 Norton CS1 TT

Posted on December 21, 2010 by Scott in Classic, Racer. 12 comments

When the original Norton CS1 was released way back in 1927 it pretty much blew the socks off everyone. On its first race it won the Isle of Man Senior TT and also set the fastest lap time. This thing was like a superbike before the word even existed.

Marcel Schoen from the Netherlands is lucky enough to own the pictured 1930 CS1 TT. “It belonged to my late uncle and has been in the family for more then 50 years” said Marcel. Over the past few months Marcel has been busy rebuilding this classic motorcycle. He gave it a complete check over, new 20″ tires were fitted, the magneto was rewound and many original nuts and bolts sourced. It has a special 3 speed gearbox type N103, Webb 650 forks, the engine is a hybrid between a W.Moore and A.Carroll design.