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KEEPING UP WITH THE ’SMITHS. Craig Rodsmith’s Turbo Moto Guzzi V9

Posted on February 12, 2018 by Andrew in Café Racer, Racer. No Comments

We’ve always been of the opinion that if an Aussie puts their mind to something, one way or another it will happen. And Victorian boy Craig Rodsmith is living, breathing, punk rocking proof that this is true…


Honda Monkey Turbo by OORacing

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Scott in Other. 27 comments

This project started with a conversation that has probably happened in numerous bike shops around the world, with the half serious words “we should add a turbo to it”. The UK based OORacing specialize in Honda Monkey bikes and thought it was a good challenge to add a turbo to a Monkey bike. Over the years they have had lots of experience turbo charging multi-cylinder engines but have never tried to do it with a single cylinder engine. “Turbos are great things and like tires, every bike should have at least one” says Adrian from OORacing. So with that same attitude they started what would be called ‘Project Napier’ and went about turbo charging a Monkey bike – which soon turned into something far more extraordinary than they had ever dreamed of. 


One Speed’s Yamaha XS1100 – ‘Shokker’

Posted on March 17, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber, Brat. 39 comments

All hail the dark(ness) lord – meet One Speed’s latest little surprise

“Sensible.” It’s a word that has scuppered more good ideas than any blatant negativity or nay-sayers. It’s also the difference between goodness and greatness. Doing everything by the book can only get you so far, but the sign of a true thinker is the way they ignore the “right way” and somehow find logic and magic in the unexpected, or the path less travelled. And in Ontario Canuck Trevor Daley’s case the path was less travelled probably because he sprayed the ashphalt into the sky with a turbo-charged 1100cc engine the way a wood chipper dispatches trees. Meet the bike most likely responsible for the first piece of bitumen in outer space – One Speed’s “Shokker.”