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1981 Yamaha XV750 – ‘Black Mat Ed’

Posted on January 22, 2013 by Scott in Bobber. 57 comments

Most builders using the XV750 as a base for their custom project have usually been inspired by the likes of Classified Moto – who have shown the amazing potential of these previously overlooked donor bikes. Not Tony Mroczek from Poland (yes another one, we are big there). He has been inspired by something completely different. “The inspiration came from Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands movie” he says. “From an early age I’ve been completely crazy about everything related to Tim Burton’s creation”. Tony has also grown up with many different motorcycles. Actually, over the years he has owned numerous Yamaha‘s and Kawasaki‘s of every capacity, but now he is enjoying this custom XV he likes to call ‘Black Mat Ed’ – it’s the latest creation to come out of Tonys garage named ‘Fabryka Edwarda’ or ‘Edward’s Factory’ in english.


Philippe Lagente’s ’81 Yamaha SR500 Brat

Posted on January 2, 2013 by Andrew in Brat. 78 comments

I’ll let you in on a little secret. We’re planning some big things for 2013 here at the ol’ Maison de Tubes Flamboyants. Now I don’t want to give too much away, but I think it’s fair to say that this year will be our biggest and best ever. Resolutions? We’ve made them. Plans? We’ve got ’em. Bigger. Better. More. Faster. Louder. Seriously, Scott and I are like the proud parents of a kid that’s just been accepted into Cambridge. Except we don’t sleep in the same bed – well, not since that one time in bike camp… but I digress. So, taking all impending amazingness into consideration, we could hardly start the year on a dull note now could we? Hell no. Please raise your red plastic cups, sound your plastic bugles and pop your party, um, poppers to welcome our first bike for the new year, Philippe Lagente’s spectaculaire ’81 SR500 brat.


Farmers Racer ’88 Yamaha SR400

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Andrew in Brat. 34 comments

Isn’t it weird how one little addition to an object can have seemingly untold benefits to it’s aesthetics. Take, for instance, your common, garden-variety Martini. Now you could argue that a Martini is simply a slug of gin (or vodka, if you’re having childish delusions about being a spy) and some vermouth. But I’d argue that what in fact makes the Martini is the garnish. Without that twist of lemon, olive, or whatever new-fangled hoopla they are currently adding to the glass, I’m betting that it would have disappeared without a trace into the ocean of nondescript cocktail wannabes a long time ago. The message you’ll need to take from this, my little pickled pipers? One single inspired touch can make a good bike great. And in the case of Farmer’s Racer, there’s no free drinks for guessing just what twist we are talking about.


Yamaha XT500 – “Single Naked Chick”

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Andrew in Tracker. 34 comments

Some people dream of a day when time travel becomes a reality. Of course, for those who spend their time fiddling with bikes in garages, it’s obvious that the ability to warp time and space already exists. It’s what happens when you “just pop out the back for 5 minutes,” and wander back into the house three hours later with dirty hands and a shirty partner. Now, if only we could somehow reverse the process so that those three hours becomes the five minutes that we originally had to spare. If we could do something like that, then we’d all be able to build a bike in no time at all, just like Doug “Hawkins” Devine and his three week wonder – “Single Naked Chick.”


Yamaha RD125

Posted on October 13, 2012 by Scott in Café Racer, Racer. 15 comments

By guest writer Ian Lee.

Full length fairings. Small capacity engines. Pizza cutter tyres. All strike up images of 1970s motorcycle racing, but do these statements make you think of a fully registered streetbike? Bobby Costello, of Costello Fabrications, has done the ton in creativity and engineering to bring this build as close as possible to a full race bike, yet still be able to blast around town when the desire arises.


Renegade Custom’s Yamaha Scorpio – “Desert Racer”

Posted on September 16, 2012 by Andrew in Scrambler. 40 comments

It’s funny how two seemingly incongruous things can go really well together. Like pickled fish and sour cream, tractors and drag racing, or hot girls and samurai swords. At first glance you’d dismiss the match-up, but once you see (or taste – and I mean the fish, not the girls) it in action, you’re sold. Likewise for motorbikes and deserts. From a tarmac-centric point of view there’s not much to be said for turning you back on the smooth, safe blacktop and heading towards the cacti. But once you get a taste of the dirt in your mouth and you loose the road, you realise that the whole planet is yours to conquer. Just ask Steve McQueen. And Ren de Haas, of Sydney’s Renegade Customs.


’88 Yamaha DT50MX – “Cocaine White”

Posted on August 31, 2012 by Andrew in Scrambler. 71 comments

Is it me, or are there a heap load of cool ‘peds dropping lately? Although Scott and I are closet moped fans, we’ve always told ourselves that the bikes we chose to feature on Pipeburn would consist mainly of the motorbike variety, and that we’d only feature the odd moped that took our fancy. Now, looking back at the bikes we’ve posted, I see three mopeds in the last month. All killer examples oh just how cool the bikes coming out of the scene really are. Well stand back, because here’s another blow-your-socks-off example. She belongs to Swede Hakan Persson and to our eyes she could just be the most amazing moped/trial/MX bike we’ve ever seen. Either that, or the cocaine we just did is affecting our judgement.


Desert Motorcycle Company’s ’81 Yamaha XS650 – “Golden Spike”

Posted on August 19, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber, Classic. 28 comments

Yamaha‘s XS650. It seems like there’s not a single style or genre that it can’t morph itself into. Chopper, bobber, rat, brat, cafe, tracker – hell, I’ve even seen it do a decent board tracker. It’s like some Japanese designers in the 1960s locked themselves in a room with a load of bad drugs, a Swiss Army Knife, a rubber mask from mission impossible, Optimus Prime, a doppelganger, the liquid metal robot from Terminator 2 and one of their mates who liked to wear his wife’s underwear on the weekends and exploded out three weeks later with blueprints that would transform the way the world thought of Japanese bikes and the way we think about a custom bike platform. Of course, this one is no different. It’s the retro brainchild of one Greg Hebard from Salt Lake City, Utah, and as you can see it looks about as close to the original bike as night looks like day.


1982 Yamaha XS650 – Stout 33

Posted on August 1, 2012 by Scott in Bobber. 28 comments

Like most brothers, the Chappell Brothers have different tastes. Rob prefers to live in Ontario, Canada while Chris chooses to live in Los Angeles. Their taste in bikes is different as well. Rob’s style leans more towards racing and café racers while Chris loves bobbers and choppers. So when they decided to build their latest project they chose (after much debate) to build a bike in the middle – a board track influenced bike that would have a custom frame, traditional girder front end and tall skinny wheels. If time allowed they would also tackle their first custom gas tank! (which they did). They found the perfect donor bike in the form of a 1982 XS650 Heritage Special and got to work on this project that was really going to challenge these part time bike builders.


’91 Yamaha XV 1100 – “No. 13”

Posted on July 17, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber. 84 comments

Before we get too far into this post, and in the interests of openness and honesty, I feel it’s best to be straight with you all. I have a Virago. No, I’m not too sure why either. Blame it on Doc Chops and the Classified Moto guys. Or blame it on one too many old bike searches on eBay. Whatever the case, I went on holidays at the end of last year and somehow or other I came back the proud and slightly confused owner of an ’81 XV750. Now I know that some just don’t get it, but for me the real appeal is the breath-taking transformation that these bikes can make with some seemingly simple mods. A few parts dropped here and a few minor mods there and suddenly you’ve gone from lardy Japanese Harley wanna-be to busting some pretty cool custom moves. And the Virago you see here, owned by one Ben Rowe, is definitely no exception. Those Transformers ain’t got nothing on us guys.