This beautiful 1975 Honda CB360 was purchased by Canadian Peter Cabral for next to nothing about a year ago. Of course, you usually get what you pay for, and Peter got a vintage bike in vintage condition. It wasn’t running, the wiring was all damaged, it had a rusty tank and seized brakes. Although Peter has owned numerous bikes in the past, this is his first vintage custom project. Here’s what Peter told us about the build:

“First I stripped all the unwanted items off the bike and started moulding a seat/tail from pink styrofoam. Happy with the look I covered it with foil and laid down the fibreglass, after the seat was hard I put it aside and started striping the bike down to the frame. I wire wheeled the frame to the metal and shaved off any unwanted tabs, wiped the frame down and sprayed with black epoxy paint. Next started on the engine, took apart the top end cleaning and checking parts, painting the engine body high heat black and lightly polishing others. Reassembled with new gaskets and also rebuilt the brake calliper, master cylinder, carbs, front shocks new cables and hoses. Wire wheeled the rims, painted them satin black to match other parts on the bike and installed the tubes and tires. Then I custom mounted the speedo low on the trees, added a sparkplug socket for a kicker, the exhaust 2-1 reverse cone was found on ebay, it was from a CB350 but a little heat and now it fits. I also mounted the stock rear fender to the swing arm, built a 2-1 intake and after most of the mechanical was complete I started on the bodywork, bondo, sand, bondo, sand etc. I had a local paint supply shop mix a metallic orange, then in my one car garage I sprayed the tank and seat.”

Peter has loads more great shots of this stunning CB360 Lucky 7even café racer on his Flickr page, from the beginning of the build right through to the completed project. Peter would like to thank all the members on Do The Ton that helped and inspired him – I’m guessing he’s in the running for bike of the month.