Spotted this stunning Honda CB450 café racer on Kneeslider the other day. The bike was built by Philip Little and was actually started many years ago. “I started this 1972 CB-450 café in 2003” Phil says. “It was to be a showcase bike for my CR450 body kit and hard parts. The bike’s completion, in 2010, came after the CR450 product line was purchased by Robert Ward of Concord, CA”. “The nice thing about this CR kit is that Honda CB/CL450 and others like the CB/CL 350/360s, need no or very little modification. Builders do not have to pull engines or paint frames. The kit is pretty much a simple bolt-on project. I went beyond what a normal owner would do with; the red frame (Ford High Performance Red), colored engine and prettied-up wheels. I think the magic of this project was the overall color balancing. The color scheme was stolen from Honda’s early race bikes. On its first public showing, the bike won Best in Class at a Minnesota VJMC meet in 2010. The bike now (7/1/10) has about 2 miles on it. I guarantee you that 3 years from now it will only have 150 miles. I don’t ride much (too busy in the shop) so if you want to own this puppy, you could offer me $4950 and it could be yours”. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me, and the color combination is second to none. Check out the full spec list of this mouth watering CB450 on Phil Little Racing.