An amazing ‘before and after’ shot can do wonders shifting products. Just think of all the diet products that are sold by showing a photo of a fat person and right next to it the same person now slim with an amazing six pack. Sometimes the improvement is so incredible you can’t believe the transformation. It’s similar to when I first laid eyes on this beautiful looking street tracker – it was hard to believe it came from a beat-up 1992 Honda Dominator. Luckily there’s people like Andrew Greenland, who didn’t see an out of shape body but a hot street tracker waiting to get out.

After buying the bike for only £300, Andrew started the project by cutting the rear subframe uprights down by 3 inches. He then rebuilt the motor with bigger bore and piston, also adding new valves and guides. He then created the stunning body piece behind the seat from fiberglass and body filler which he says “took bloody ages!!!”. The exhaust came from Jemco and the headlight and speedo unit came from Trailtech. Overall I think he dominated this Honda Dominator. Check out Andrew’s blog to view more pics of this special street tracker.