It’s safe to say this drop seat rigid isn’t going to win any beauty contests. But then again it wasn’t built for that purpose. The Icon Death or Glory was built for one thing in mind – speed. One of the first thing that caught my eye was the plastic toy mirror, so I asked Icon’s design director Kurt Walter whether it was there to be ironic, he replied  “I built a 2100cc powered rigid death machine virtually incapable of turning or stopping yet equipped with Ohlins forks on billet Attack triples. Garnishing it with a mirror stolen from my daughter’s Barbie bike just seemed appropriate. So yeah, I suppose the mirror is – ironic, sarcastic, humorous, ridiculous, stupid… all of the above”.

Icon always write the best press releases about their bikes so I decided to quote them: “2100cc’s of air-cooled twin stuffed into a Detroit Bros gooseneck frame. The handformed aluminum seat low enough to decapitate quizitive roadside squirrels. Suspended by an Ohlins front and a Ohlins rear, the D/G rides like a straight line American dream. In the vein of our Midwest upbringing, where anything more curved than ruler is best left in the closet. The ability to turn bikes, as we’ve found through countless hours of research, is highly overrated. Ground clearance and functioning brakes are also non essentials, best left as accouterments on ‘fancy’ Japanese models. No, in America we like our machinery overpowered and underthought. Performance that can be measured a quarter mile at a time. Anything longer and our miniscule attention spans go into sleep mode. Thankfully bikes like the D/G are within the easy grasp of any blue blooded tax payer. All you need is a fully equipped machine shop, ten grand worth of welding equipment, an Ebay account, and a complete lack of common sense. All traits that the Icon garage team has in spades”. You can view more shots of this beast and read the impressive spec list on Icon’s website.