It’s been a while since our last Imaginary Garage, and in that time we’ve had more than our fare share of smack talk in the comments sections of our beloved blog. It seems that everyone seems to know best, and everyone seems to have the world’s best taste in customs. But let’s face it, it’s easy to talk the talk, but can you all walk the walk? What’s that? You can? Well, here’s you chance to damn well prove it! As you’ve probably noticed, above we have ourselves one brand splonking new 2011 Kawasaki W800, a sweet bike that were lucky enough to review recently. We’ve done a few dream bikes lately, but for a change we thought we try a more realistic bike this time around. So now it’s up to you lot to take a modern classic and make it, well, classic-er. And kick ass-er as well.

So how’s this work? You enter your ideas on how we should customise the W800 via the comments section below. We then choose the winner, work with them to make the mods in Photoshop, and post the results. The winner gets a brand new pair of Icon gloves of your choosing worth up to $145 North American doubloons.

  • The winning idea has to be a corker. It should not only look good, it has to be a great idea. We want people to see the finished product and say “wow”.
  • DO NOT post links to your own mock-ups. No matter how cool the idea, this will instantly rule you out of the comp. Why would we choose an idea that everybody has already seen? Let’s blow out the candles before we eat the cake, yes?
  • An entry along the lines of “CAFE RACER!” has about as much chance of winning as my lily white moonbeam arse. Aim for around 100 words. If you still insist on doing this we’ll simply let other people use your idea for their own if they like it.
  • Multiple comments are fine if you think you’d like to add to your original ideas.
  • We reserve the right to openly mock, laugh at, or otherwise make fun of your ideas. Especially the ones that involve freaking trikes.

If you aren’t sure exactly what to write, just pop back to a previous competition and take a peek. Study the winning entry closely. We’re looking for creative, original, clear ideas. The more interesting the ideas, the more likely they are to win; if we can make a Brough Superior drag bike look that sublime, then the sky’s the limit.

You have 72 hours to get your ideas posted before we close submissions, so get them in ASAP. Please leave a valid email address so we can contact the winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, commence the creativity!

Update: Game over kids. Thanks one and all for the entries and, um, short stories. More soon.

46 responses to “Imaginary Garage – 2011 Kawasaki W800”

  1. Front-to-back: 17" supermoto rims, anodized black, or red. 7" HID headlight, housed in the top-half of a Rickman CR750 fairing. Bars to match, either low superbike, or clip-ons. All mounted on Marzocchi 50mm USD forks. Stretched stock tank (2-3") to retain the look it already has, and a Guiliari type seat. Aluminum side covers, with scoops to give a ram-air effect to the intake tract. Cut-down rear fender (3") stock light, on a custom mount. High pipes, w/ megaton mufflers. Tarrozzi rearsets, and hard-anodized engine covers. I think that gets the core idea (visual) across.

  2. Oh, and just to change things up a bit; make the fenders, fairing, and tank in silver carbon. Anodized aircraft fasteners for colour. 🙂

  3. – Extended rear swing arm
    – Removal of rear fender, indicators, tail light, number plates
    – Same style seat although shortened in length and height
    – Pipes run around the front of the frame and welded together to form an 'x' and then sweep below the bike with a brief curve upwards at the end
    – Bike stand removed.
    – Same tank with some work done shortening the height to match the seating and the flow of the bike
    – Mirrors completely removed
    – Front angle of the bikes steering system shifted to create a more weighted looking bike (same distance between tyres and frame taking into account extended swing arm)
    – Front fender removed completely
    – Circle front headlight replaced with a rectangular headlight
    – Handle bars replaced with a one piece semi circle style handle bar
    – Speedo mounted to the side instead of the top middle. In line with the petrol tank on the right.
    – Front indicators replaced with bar end led indicators
    – Rear indicators replace with led indicators mounted to a bracket connected to the top of the folks.
    – Middle/rear section emptied out and replaced with a nice big oversize air filter. a real naked look.
    – Rear suspension shortened and front suspension lowered
    – Rear sets removed. This bad ass is a single seater.
    – Colour scheme – Coppers, golds, chromes, silvers, blacks
    – Custom plates 'HVYW8' (corny i know)

    and thats all i have to say about that

  4. A solo seat with shortened rear fender, without rearlight, engine black, exhaustlike directly above the engine but below the sidecovers, maybe just straight pipes (black), sidecovers could be smaller, take off this ugly chromething and put a carbunator in the gap.
    17“ spokewheels with knobbie tires (like tw 24 or tkc80)
    headlight should be small (16-18cm) with stoneguard in front of it, yellow lamp in it, no turnlights, no instruments, all swithes at handlebar(flat wide black, maybe enduro-like) removed and of course no mirrors.
    A huge brakedisc in front, and a lifted mudguard (aluminium) in front.
    Maybe a bit longer fork and shocks to get the bike a little bit higher.
    Colour, hmm… i'd go for black sidecovers, black/darkgrey wheels and a britisch racing green tank or maybe red, your choice 😉
    it should be a mix between roadster, classic nakedbike and scrambler

  5. and there should be nothing at the tank, only one colour with maybe stripes on it and fake kneepads, like the '88 sr 500 tank

  6. Badass Scrambler:

    I'm thinking something that might convey the flavor of a Rickman Metisse but keep it street legal.
    -Longer travel suspension
    -2 into 2 high pipes with minimal silencers
    -Motocross bars
    -Big headlight brush guard
    -Knobby tires
    -Color should be dark green or black
    -Ditch the stock tank and come up with something unique that screams badass, diffferent, cool

  7. The typical choices for a W800 would go along the lines of bobber, cafe racer, tracker or scrambler, but that's too obvious, now isn't it? I'd like to propose making it, as you say, "more classic-er":
    – leave both fenders intact
    – remove the fork gaiters
    – put a drum brake on the front
    – add white-wall tyres
    – add a front fender mounted license plate
    – add an "eyelid" to the headlight
    – keep the peashooters – but extend the headers to move the cans further back, and lose the heatshields
    – swap the turn signals for tiny bullet style affairs
    – swap the taillight for a more retro unit – preferably side-mounted with "stop" on it
    – lose the seat in favour of a solo "spring loaded" brown number (kill the passenger pegs while you're at it)
    – handlebars wide and low, with a single dropped mirror
    – remove the instruments – embed the speedo in the headlight
    – drop the whole bike a couple of inches
    – lose the centrestand
    – add a little chrome luggage rack on the tank
    – and in a shocking turn of events – leave the paint as is! just lose the tank knee pads

    For bonus effect change the front suspension to something like Blitz's "Great Escape"

  8. Forgot to add – relocate the rear turn signals to the shock mounts, and perhaps even extend the rear fender with a bit of a turn-up at the end…

  9. But seriously; what these retro bikes are missing is proper, modern handling. Stiffer frame, decent forks and shocks and sporty geometry. It needs to look 60s competition/cafe racer cool whilst handing like a Ducati Monster.

    – Brace the swingarm, frame and forks
    – Lose the sensible road parts (too long front mudguard, number plate/rear brake light mount, exhaust heat shield, mirrors, centrestand, chunky controls, and make it performance-oriented without ruining it's looks.
    – rear hoop at the end of the subframe
    – dump the hubs, they look shit
    – high level Arrow exhaust (see Triumph Scrambler)
    – high-grip, sporty skinny tyres
    – black rims, chrome spokes.


  10. Celebrating more than a century since Steve Roper first built (and rode & died on) a real motorcycle, the W800 engine shall be wrapped in stuff from all those decades of motorcycling:

    1890-1899…..Wheels with wood spokes
    1900-1909…..Acentylene lights (computer controlled), leaf spring suspension
    1910-1919…..White tyres with 'NON SKID' pattern (modern compound, though), nickel plating
    1920-1929…..Bar-end brake & clutch levers, exposed valvegear, scissor style suspension damping
    1940-1049…..Thompson machine gun in leather holster
    1950-1959…..Smith cronometric speedo, low handlebars
    1960-1969…..Café racer solo seat, handlebar fairing, disc brakes
    1970-1979…..ELF Honda style hub centre steering
    1980-1989…..Supertrapp can beneath engine
    1990-1999…..Lots of carbon fiber bits, honouring John Britten
    2000-2011…..Blue tooth tech replacing most cables and wires

    The rear swing arm shall be fairly long, as to make the bike look like three quarters of the mass is in the front half.

  11. Almost forgot; frame/seat/tank unit is in carbon fiber. Rear swing arm extension about 5 centimetres. Tyres same size as on a modern sportsbike. Two supertrapp cans.

  12. Sires, this bike its easy to tune: just sit on a fat-rocknrollcrazy-smoker/drinker rider dressed in town up tradition… put some mud on… add a bucket of dead flyes, spread burned oil all over and voila… …cheers!

  13. OK be patient with me here:

    – Remove front/rear fenders.
    – Add some clip-on's mounted real low like dragster esk
    – Extend rear swing arm a smidge and drop the rear using steel struts to create a hardtail
    – Remove all airbox and associated electro gizmo's and hide that shit somewhere, add pod-filter, screaming eagle and/or crack pipe air intake.
    – Add chopped harley front fender as rear, mount 1m high sissy bar, king & queen seat setup.
    – Indicators to be small bullets mounted bottom of struts (rear) and low under tank (front).
    – Exhaust to have fish tail tips and come up at a 45 degree angle.
    – 1inch round rear tail light mounted to sissy bar, and 5inch headlight dropped a tad lower.
    – Speedo smaller and relocated to side of bike.
    – Add red bull can for effect.

  14. replicate the norton p-11 scrambler. offroad tires 1 1/2 size seat, high pipes on each side, red tank, offroad bars.

  15. I'm feeling an Emergency Response Two Wheeler… Fast and first on the scene. I mean, it's good to arrive in style whatever the reason. One day it's Pippa Middleton with a sprained ankle, the next Zombies have got out again.
    Right, here we go.
    First replace that front disc brake with a Menani magnesium drum and chop that front fender a bit.
    Swap the bars for clubman style bars and replace the instruments with an Acewell digital speedo. Then tuck all that away behind a custom bullet cowl. Those mirrors will have to go.
    Squeeze everything possible out of the engine and fabricate a nice 2 into 1 exhaust to stop just before the rear wheel.
    The seat is going to have to lose a bit of the front (but still will be a two seater) to make room for a long range tank. Tank will have a bit more Dunstall influence. A custom belly pan will compliment the cowl.
    Trim the rear fender to just below the seat. Drop the bike an inch or so because everything looks better lowered.
    Box section aluminium swingarm annodized black because I'm dreaming.
    Shotgun holster
    Carbon fibre paniers optional depending on the emergency.
    Gold annodized cylinder head.

  16. Keep the frame, engine, tank and seat. Throw away as much as you can of what is attached.
    Add the complete front end of a Kawasaki 636. Add big chunky alloy swingarm using Ohlins rear shocks, and 636 rear wheel. Bars and footrests made (if necessary) and located to suit my riding position, not for appearance. High level siamesed exhaust pipes with single can.Fit sticky tyres. Tiny little bullet fairing to hide lamp and electrics / clocks. Paint all panels and frame glittery silver with black pinstripe.

  17. Kwaka a l'orange (1950's cafe racer inspired creation)

    Remove fenders
    Remove centerstand
    Remove horn and excess crap
    Add custom rearsets (black)
    Add carbies with small pod filters
    Extend and strengthen the swingarm
    Hide wiring and place battery under the seat
    Clip on bars (black) attached very low
    Drop the headlight (black) down so the top sits level with the top of the tank
    Drum front
    customise subframe to be level with tank to make nice cleen line
    Longer tank with classic cafe racer style sharkfin style curve to match the rear seat cowel
    smallest legal tail light
    smaller smoked indicators
    Increase the width of the front rim and tyre to match the back
    White walls with a 1 inch strip
    Chrome polish the frame just for something different 90's bmx style YO!
    Extend the exhaust back into slash cut finish
    Paint the engine, forks and rims badass black
    Paint the tank and the seat cowel a nice darkish metallic orange

    Then go drift the duck out of it on the way to work everyday

  18. Keep style the same but somehow remove its major flaw, 100 pounds of extra weight.

  19. Japanese Gambler racer!

    Based on the Brit powered twins that domaniated Gambler racing in tha day.

    Shaved front end, 21-23 knobbie tire. Mount a tiny LED headlight behind a racing number plate. Flanders tracker bars. No gauges.

    Tiny gas tank, Hummer, Triumph cub or similiar.

    Ridgid rear end, 19" tire, floating banna seat.

    Overly flashy, metalflake paint.


  20. IMHO, a truly full custom starts w/the engine. So remove the right side case and mod up a drive gear and pulley to mount a supercharger from a mini-cooper. A single 42 mm carb should do it, and it will be hangin where the battery and relays are now. Replace the battery with an MF unit that could be laid sideways and under the seat hidden. Get imaginative and break the relays and whatnot into smaller components to hide in the integrated fender/rear seat (below)

    Add a big bore kit or machine your own cylinders to get a full liter

    Anodize the mid cylinder region (typically painted black on 60's bonne) to match the final paint

    Stretch the tank 4 inches and flush mount the gas cap.

    Grind off every last useless lug, including the passenger pegs, drill out every mounting plate

    Lose all the badges, decals, rubber pads and other fluff

    Muffler cans from a VMax..

    Ditch the center stand.

    Front fender similar to ZX14 with an integral fork brace.

    Front forks from your choice of modern sport bike, inverted of course.

    Controls/wires/cables should be hidden internal to the bars.

    Bars about 2 inches lower and a touch shorter, not quite drag bars

    Mirrors should be small, rectangular and on short stalks just above the grips, tight.

    Loose the signals completely.

    Reduce the light bucket size by about half and use blue HID bulb.

    Ditch the classic tack/speedo unit and replace it with digital/analog combo in a single oblong housing. The tach and speedo face
    can be switched between a numerical readout or an electronic needle simulation. Don't forget the fuel, oil and manifold readings!

    Solo seat with integrated fender, but not Cafe Racer, and ending just past where the stock seat is now…integrate the tail.brake light.
    LED's of course

    CNC swingarm, but stay double shocked.

    External reservoir gas shocks at the rear.

    Tri-spoke wheels, 15 inch rear, serious rubber, 19 front

    Convert the rear brake to disc while CNC'ing the rear wheel.

    The final paint, pearlized silver white frame w/burnt orange tank and fenders. Both frame and body paint to color shift towards blue. That'll set ya'll back about 2000 imaginary garage bucks just for the paint material!

  21. I'd make it a little town rascal keeping only the engine (no chrome, please!) and the frame (chopped rear, powdercoated in lime green). Convert it to mono-shock with the rear end raised a couple of inches for a better stance, longer swingarm, 14" rear wheel and 18” front, black rims laced around gold Talon hubs. Fat Dunlop K180 rubber (like Suzuki RV125). For the front, a gold USD with radial caliper. Aluminium 70's Honda CG125 style tank, flat bratstyle seat made of a vintage worn biker jacket (black leather), minimalistic aluminium rear fender. Indicators/rearlight/brakelight combi, single projector up front (not in the middle) with a minimal aluminium flat track style fairing. Single FCR39 carb with a big ass KN cylindrical filter. You get the point

  22. Customize the seat using the original seat pan:
    Discard the original cover and foam, trim the bottom of the seat pan for a flatter profile to disguise the dip in the frame, shorten the seat pan to right behind the shocks. Reupholster the seat gunfighter-style (black leather or vinyl, w/o the ridges).

    Shorten the rear fender to a couple inches behind the seat (leave just enough room to mount a taillight).

    Mount the turn signals where the back of the seat attaches to the rear fender.

    Remove the passenger foot pegs & center-stand.
    Replace the stock exhaust with upswept Dunstall mufflers, mounted to where the passenger foot pegs were.

    Replace the tank with a Sportser peanut tank.

    Keep the handlebars original. They look comfortable – there's no need to replace them with clip-ons or clubman bars just for looks. Keep the fairing, headlight, forks and front fender original as well. Repaint the painted surfaces glossy black with modest gold pinstripes and lettering.

    Total cost should be less than $400.

  23. I like the looks of the old dustbin fairings – why not have one on this bike? Sure, you'd have to have clip-ons, etc. – but if you had a dustbin fairing, you'd have people crashing into light poles and ditches just trying to figure out what the hell you're rolling around on. While we're at it, how about coating the fairing with radar-absorbent paint? Stealthy!

  24. It has to be a Bratstyle Tracker Bike! Lose the front fender and change the tires… cut the rear fender off short and put a flat tracker seat on it. Now get rid of the side panels and open air it so we can see the carbs! Paint some of the engine black and the tank british racing green. Black pipes and one big round taillight, lower the headlight and now we are talking!

  25. Vintage motocross with a nod to the Triumph TT Special

    Replace front fork and rear shocks with same from a Kawasaki Green Streak 21M
    Keep wheels and tyres from the 21M but retain the front brake from the W800
    Paint tank Kwakka Green with white sides and 'Kawasaki' – lose the badge and knee pads.
    Paint side covers white with a black '21' as a racing number or put plates over the side covers
    Raise front fender to accomodate the extra travel – and shorten it a la Green Streak.
    Cut rear fender to shorten by 6-8 inches
    Remove all lights and speedometer, keeping the tacho in it's place.
    Ditch the mufflers and keep straight pipes under the footpegs – nice and LOUD!
    Leave the seat as is – it's nice.
    Chuck on a set of wide and high bars or vintage MX bars – can't decide yet cos I can't "see" the bike and I'm not going to photoshop it.
    Voila – a vintage motocross inspired TT Special rip off. It's got one boot in the English dirtracks and the other scrambling over a motocross track in California.

  26. front fender? no thanks!
    maxxis dirt track wheels
    cutted black fork
    front headlight with yellow lens
    trial handlebar
    aluminium fuel tank stretched (cafè style) and with grasps for the knees
    aluminiun side cover (under the seat)
    seat 1&1/2 tuck and roll
    post fender cutted and few " close to the seat with a round tail light
    bended short 2-1 exhaust with supertrapp muffler
    black coated cylinder
    at least a sort of hybrid café racer/dirt track!

  27. I would lose the screws in the muffler, is that a guard on the muffler? If so I would lose that to and just have a nice smooth muffler. And paint the fenders. That is all.

  28. Complete Dunstall Norton treatment, including the cool exhaust running beneath the frame. Yellow paint too.

  29. Having a chopper around will make you appreciate your better handling cafes…

    1. rectangular lights are staggered (one on top of the other) placed just so in front of a stretched springer front-end
    2. remove front brake & fender, retain spoke rims in black (chromed spokes)
    3. pull back bars
    4. stretch the above seat into a back rest that has the same material and pattern. Seat is a stepped seat for that 70's natural woman to sit back with her knees next to your ears. Back rest height is mid-back height, not overdone.
    5. gas tank decked out in vibrant metal flake colors and different overlapping patterns (one distinct pattern on each side). Not overdone….take your pick as to the shape of the tank (multi-angular sides or a rounded tear-drop or use existing tank angled down on the stretched backbone)
    6. full rear fender positioned in front of the rear tire, only stub at the rear. Metal-flake silver and green
    7. up-swept exhausts, one on each side, exiting in a trumpet-style exhaust tip

  30. I would call it the Bevel Carpet Bag. A mixed bag of styling cues for sure, but a bag that delivers.

    19" PM wheels black
    Dunlop K180s
    Rear disc conversion
    Ohlins internals/Lowered 1.5"
    Ohlins rear piggybacks/all ano/pc black & Lowered 1.5"

    Frame & Body
    Bob the front and rear fenders
    Shortened subframe & levelled
    Tiny brake light and no signals
    Lower front headlight and run single tachometer/also lowered
    Lowered Benelli Mojave 360 fuel tank/Kawi green with round W800 emblem
    Renthal Ultra-Low bars
    Recovered/Restitched seat/Diamond pattern
    LSL Rearsets

    Engine & Exhaust
    Big bore kit 855ci
    2-1 Arrow Exhaust from Triumph Scrambler

  31. …and hold the license plate in place with zip ties attached to the turn signals.

  32. A bit of a low slung Frankenbike:

    Starts with all suspension dropped 2 inches.

    Wheels built up with 15" clearcoated unpolished Aluminum Hoops on disc hubs with raw steel clear coated (no chrome) spokes. Black nipples. Rubber is Cooper classics (similar to THe great Wrench Monkees Gorilla Punch) semi knobbies. Whitewals would be nice.. As big as necessary to retain the original diameter of the stock tires. Looking for a slightly rough look with the hint of detail in the nipples.

    The frame painted dark matte grey. Think Pantone Warm Grey 8.

    Sidecovers donated to science. Breathers installed and carb screens in Raw steel clearcoat. Kickstart only. Give the battery to someone who can't handle compression.

    Nice bulky rearsets plates in raw aluminum with black pegs and rods.

    Pipes set up to a 2-into-1 scrambler style to give the bike a bit more room in the corners.Nice and short. Ends 1 inch pat the rear shock. Pipes ceramic baked in grey. Raw steel heatshields.

    Seat: Nice thin Bratstyle in Pantone Warm Grey 8 with Black piping and diamond stitching in black heavy duty thread. The thread must pop.

    3 inch longer rear swingarm in flat black. The rear fender bobbed to show only 3 inches past the seat. LED and turners tucked just below the seat.

    Engine left stock, minus the missing aircleaner.

    The Tank, debadged and stripped raw and chopped 2 inches, while retaining the rear contour, to lower the line and match the low profile of the seat. The filler cap/tube positioned to the left of the tank, just behing the circle part of the badge. The right side is where the speedo is to be placed, same diameter as the filler cap. Rawed and clearcoated.

    Forks: 2 inches lowered in the trees and stripped of chrome. Rawed and clearcoated. Gut the gaiters. Give the front fender to a needy family. Lower fork legs are just right.

    The light replaced with a smaller headlight, blue halogen. Longer profile, to mirror the tank/seat lines. Mounted even with the top of the tank. Raw aluminum turnsignals replaced with small, bullet style LEDs (Deus has em), mounted just below and outside the headlamp.

    Bars: Clip ons, minimal drop. Rawed and clearcoated. Mirrors, black painted, under-bar style (HD 48), slightly extended past the bar ends.

    Speedo moved to the right side of the tank. Blue illumination.

    Other stuff: Get rid of the center stand. The kickstand painted flat black. All cables tucked. Remove all unnecessary mount points.

    Grey gum grips.

    Pop a wheelie.

  33. some capital ideas in here, boys! Some, are kinda 'meh', but overall some decent ideas. Oh, and I've included my email this time too… lol

  34. A Kawi Adventure Bike!!! Old school reliability of a scrambler with the roadworthyness of GS.

    Ditch the swing arm and go for a mono shock set up and swap in new forks set up for dual sport. Use a fully adjustable Kayaba suspension to get a seat height of a KLR 650. The tripple trees off the 450 KX give you fully adjustable ergos.
    Add Renthal handlebars w/barkbusters
    Loose the metal fenders and go KLX plastic. Side covers gone for quick (filter) change flat covers a la WR450.
    17 in rear and 19in front excel rims with Kenda Big Blocks and Brembo Brakes on wave rotors (single disk rear, double front).
    Dual headlight (Buell Uly) w/ rock covers & mini fairing. LED turn and brake/tailight.
    Skid Plate, MX style side stand, wide & adjustable dirt pegs off the 2011 KX 450.
    Electric outlet for accessories on Trip Tree colored to match.
    Sandlbast off all chrome for slate grey powdercoat.
    Titanium two into one MX style exhaust
    Optional hard cases, standard top rack
    Swap tank for plastic desert tank. Seat to be grippy sculpted black, same overall size for comfort on long trips but grip for bad weather and offroad.
    Minimal logos. Green plastics to be similar to W800

  35. Plastics to be similar color to the W800, not same style…

    Also, side covers should fill in the triangle of the frame where the current ones bubble out. Makes for a better airbox and the snorkle can be routed up the tank if you think you will be fording streams. If you really want to make this baby keep the weight low, have the electric components go where the tank is, combine it with the snorkle and have two gas tanks that are combined under the seat and under the airbox. Gas sits low, electrics & air intake sit high and dry…

  36. Put the motor in an Egli Vincent frame. Keep the classic and improve the handling all in one go!

  37. I'm heading East out of the Badlands. Nothing but empty asphalt ahead of me. The sun is getting low and I think I'd better get on it a little more. I told my girl that I'd be at her place by sundown and if 'm late there will be hell to pay. Her Pops is coming in tonight to visit and she wants me to meet him. Whatever. The bike feels good as I start to kiss a ton. I check my rearview just as the sun hits the horizon like an atomic blast. In the middle of it all I notice a small dark shape with a pinpoint of light centered in the growing mass. I'm guessing another bike but damn that thing is closing fast. I got more so I give it. This guy is moving like a bat outta hell. I'm deep into the triple digits and this guy is almost on me and closing. I pin it. He's now on my tail and rips past like I'm pedaling my old Big Wheel. I catch a glimpse of the dude as he screams by. The dude's wearing a puddin bowl n goggles. He cracks the slightest bit of a smile at me. Or maybe it's a grimace. He's past and nothin' but a spec of taillight before I realize I didn't even get a chance to see what he was riding.

    I pull up to my girlfriend's house and there's a bike out front I've never seen before. Kinda looks like a saltflat missle. Low, lean and sorta angry. I park my bike and as I'm taking off my helmet a figure materializes behind the screen door. He cracks the slightest bit of a smile at me. Or maybe it's a grimace.

  38. so i think the comps closed but needed to get this down. after stripping unnecessarys, inc both fenders, front fork gators and rw necessities, fab a lower and thinner tank that extends to the arse end of the first riders position, or front of pillion seat, creating a superman style rider position. a short stop on the back of the seat to keep the rider from sliding off after sheer acceleration. to match this reasets, set at the rear axle with clipons and one round bar end mirror (for safety reasons) drop the bike maybe one or two inches but keep the wheel base length the same for handling purposes. fab 2 into 1 under slung pipes. heat tapped under the seat. digital speedo but analog odo. and matt black engine casing. with silver cooling fins, red frame and raw tank, and short stop seat cowl. upside down front forks. just imagine.