Now you can fly your flag while flying down the highway on your motorcycle with these flag designs from the classic Italian Goggle and Eyeware company Nannini. They may not look like serious goggles but they truly are, with hand sewn genuine leather eye pads, scratch resistant UV proof lenses and chrome plated brass frames, these goggles are made to the high standards Nannini have become famous for. We are sure they will be a hit with many patriotic Cafe Racer and motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. But if these aren’t your style maybe you’ll fancy their luxury range, made from hand sewn python leather. You can buy them straight from the Nannini Store or in Australia through FlexVision.

Just a little history about the company that I found interesting – Giorgio Nannini the man who started the company has an amazing history not only in eye wear. He was actually quite a successful inventor, here’s what they say about him on the Nannini website: “Over the years, many developments have led Nannini to the ‘top of the pack’. As well as eyewear, Nannini has patented and produced many different things such as:  a “stop sign/direction indicator” unit for motorbikes (a great sales success), the first automatic machine for bending metal rims for eyewear and then increasingly sophisticated machines for processing lenses and optical resins. The interesting thing is that many of Nannini’s competitors, all over the world, produce eyewear with his machines”.