Mondo Lulu is a photographer and designer living in Toronto. We spotted some of his Café Racer photos on Flickr and thought we’d asked him a few questions:

Pipeburn: What inspires you?
Mondo Lulu: Great Photography. Great design, both man-made and natural. A different take on things that make me say, “why didn’t I think of that…”

PB: What do you ride?
ML: I like small bikes. A ratty little Chinese scooter for fun and a bigger Italian one for utility.

PB: What is your dream bike?
ML: Coveting my friend’s Japanimated Yamaha SR500 (pictured below). But a Honda Dream 305 will do me just fine.

PB: What is (for those that don’t know) and how are you involved?
ML: is a café racer website, founded in Toronto, that has grown to encompass thousands of members internationally. started going on late-night chilly november rides with them in ’08, documenting our hijinks with my camera.

PB: What is your ‘cafe speed’ series for?
ML: The studio shots are stills for a pilot TV series in the works in conjunction with DoTheTon. Can’t give away too much until it’s actually produced. The street shots are a representation of what I experience – a vibrant and exciting Café scene here in Toronto.

You can view Mondo’s complete Flickr gallery here