Upon reflection, Maurice was really taken by the polished tank on the Norton

Just a quick update – we thought those of you who enjoyed the Raider Motorsports/Moz Rissman article we posted recently might be keen to hear some news concerning the latest creation from the Coffs Harbour shop.

Firstly, the SR Norton Manx mentioned in the article (and pictured here – obviously) has been finished and was immediately and serendipitously sold to a guy called Luis who not only is a regular Pipeburn reader, but who also lives about 5 minutes away from me here in Sydney. I shot him an email about the possibility of photographing the bike in my garage à la Jed’s Harley and he was keen as mustard to let us at it; hopefully within the next few weeks or so. We’ll also quiz the man himself on how he likes his new crotch warmer.

And secondly, I’ve also asked a good friend of mine to document the whole shoot so we will not only have some (hopefully) superb shots of a superb bike, but afterwards we’ll also be publishing a step-by-step “how-to” article that will showcase my exquisite and masterful photographic skills reveal my shoddy photographic crapfulness to the whole freakin’ world. Stay tuned, peoples.

The Raider Motorsports concrete driveway – more famous day by day