As promised, here’s some footage I captured from my recent stint moonlighting as a director on a motorbike with the GoPro Hero HD. Seventy eight separate clips and over two hours worth of HD rushes edited down into three minutes and twenty one seconds of something that I hope you’ll find mildly amusing. In case you’re wondering, the song is “Black Rice” by Canadian band Women.

The route we took is known locally as the Five Ferries ride because (you guessed it) it involves five river crossings to complete. Great in theory, but add a beautiful summer’s day and 29˚C (84˚F) temps and the wait before and during the ferry ride in full leathers was a fairly exhausting ordeal. Then again it’s all quickly forgotten when you follow your friend through a series of perfectly cambered corners, all lined with giant deciduous trees and watch as the vortices from his bike launch the golden leaves laying on the road up into a spiraling cloud that streaks past your helmet like the hyperdrive scene from Star Wars.

Many thanks to Mugs, Twisty, JT, Paul, Hugh, Andy and everyone else who tagged along for the day and put up with me and my camera getting all upside their heads.

P.S. Andy – get better as soon as you can mate.