Every motorbike enthusiast dreams of finding that rare one-of-a-kind motorcycle in the possession of some old guy who just wants someone to “take good care of her”. ‘The Vincent in the Barn’ is an engaging collection of 40 stories about rare motorcycles being discovered or purchased in remarkable circumstances. Written by well-known automotive author & journalist Tom Cotter – who also regularly writes for Road & Track magazine. The book features nearly every brand of bike imaginable, from Ducati’s in basements, to abandoned Vincent’s in sheds, Harley-Davidsons in barns, Triumph’s rusting in garages, a Matchless in Russia, Moto Guzzi’s, Suzuki’s, Yamaha’s, Honda’s, BSA’s, Gillera’s, Parilla’s and MV Augusta’s. These are true-life stories that all have one thing in in common – they make you want to go on a road trip searching for these hidden treasures. You can easily find the book at Motorbooks.com, but finding that priceless motorcycle may be a little harder.