You could be mistaken for thinking this XS360 was built by Heiwa or one of the many other Japanese shops. The truth is, it was built in Portland, Oregan. What is it about Portland? It seems to have a thriving custom motorcycle scene producing so many great bikes. This XS was built by Jared Johnson who works out of his garage (pictured below) 7 days a week. “I bought it in St. Helens OR for $600, this is my 4th XS build so I knew the potential. I made the seat out sheet metal, used the old seat foam and wrapped it with ribbed pleather. Rear fender is from a Honda CB 200. Built a battery tray and relocated it low on the frame. Re-welded the bars out of the stock bars. Finished this bike in 5 eleven hour days, it was down to the wire for my trip down to southern California for a nice little vacation” Jared tells us. Below are some nice shots of Jared enjoying his other XS project, both shot by photographer Neil Decosta.