Just like Deus are influencing the motorcycle culture in Australia, the Wrench Monkees are having the same effect in Europe. This clean and simple XS650 took inspiration from the talented Danish custom builders. The German owner Nico Müller tells us “Most of my influences and inspirations came from the Wrench Monkees. I imported the XS650 from a family man in the United States. So it’s a 1979 US Version type 2F0. I customized the electrics, headlamp, the seat, tail lamp, signals, fenders, exhaust, air filter, battery box and some other details. Tank is original and the the seat is handmade by a german guru of XS650’s. The battery box is also handmade – i used some rusty steel plates and welded them.” We really dig the 70’s yellow stock tank and the raw feel of this no fuss XS650 – it looks like a bike that loves to be ridden. You can view more shots on Nico’s Flickr page or his Rockefeller-Customs blog.